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11/2: What's Wrong With Fantasy Football In 2018?

We still love fantasy football, but it has problems. The changes to the NFL game, the media coverage thereof, and the ways in which fantasy "experts" give opinions have created a different fantasy landscape, and while it's still an awesome way to pass a Sunday, it could be better. We'll talk about that on today's show, in addition to reviewing (briefly) the terrible Raiders/49ers Thursday night contest and talking about some Week 9 injury guys. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

11/1: Flexual Healing, OAKvsSF Preview & DraftKings Week 9

In fantasy football weeks like this, when six teams are on bye, you find yourself making some pretty nasty flex decisions. Today we'll  walk you through some of the names you'd rather *not* start, but may be forced to. We'll also preview the gnarly Raiders/49ers Thursday night game, plus we'll preview not only Week 9 in DraftKings but also our favorite against-the-spreads wagers of the week. Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

10/31: NFL Trade Analysis & Week 9 Ranks

Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas and Ty Montgomery got traded Tuesday, and that means new fantasy situations for them *and* for the guys who got left behind, like Courtland Sutton and Aaron Jones. We'll have trade talk for you on today's podcast, and a far-reaching conversation about many of the players you may be considering for your fantasy football lineup in Week 9. Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@scott_pianowski).

10/30: Week 9 Waivers & More Game Film Review

Cordarrelle Patterson is a running back, and your world no longer makes sense. We'll talk about the Monday night Patriots/Bills game, plus we'll review the rest of the Week 8 game film, giving thoughts on Marlon Mack, Doug Martin, Mitch Trubisky, Larry Fitzgerald and many more players. Then we'll list our favorite fantasy football waiver-wire adds ahead of Week 9. Guest: JJ Zachariason of NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

10/29: Week 8 Game Film Review

FitzPumpkin! FitzPumpkin! FitzPumpkin! Say his name three times and he comes back! We'll look at *tons* of Week 8 game film and talk about the implications on your fantasy football team, including Jameis Winston being benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick, what happened to Kenny Golladay, why living with the Bortles is also like dying with the Bortles, and so much more! Guest: Jamey Eisenberg of CBS Fantasy (@JameyEisenberg).

10/26: Midseason Huggy & Baggy Awards

Today we'll review the Thursday night Dolphins/Texans game, talk about Deshaun Watson's stellar play, Kenyan Drake's continued production and Will Fuller's injury...and then we'll do our annual Midseason Baggy and Huggy Awards, in which we celebrate the best and the worst of what's happened so far in 2018, and look ahead to the rest of the season. Big fun! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/25: Doug Martin, YPC, Flexual Healing & MIAvHOU Preview!

Let's talk about some fantasy football guys! Today we've got flex talk about Doug Martin, John Brown, Nick Chubb, Ronald Jones and many, many others. We'll preview the Dolphins/Texans game, we'll do some Yards-Per-Carry talking (ranting?), plus we'll get you ready for Week 8 in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

10/24: Week 8 Fantasy Football Ranks

How should we rank Marlon Mack for Week 8? How about those disappointing Lions receivers? Is Tom Brady a no-go against a very good Bills defense? What's up with Doug Baldwin? We'll talk about those ranks questions and many more in our weekly look at Harris's preliminary ranks, plus we'll bring you an all-timer of a listener mixtape. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick).

10/23: Amari Cooper Trade, Week 8 Waivers & More Game Film

Amari Cooper is a Cowboy, and the price was...massive. We'll talk about how that's likely to go, we'll review the rest of the Week 7 game film including the weird and fun Monday night game, plus it's time to spin it forward and talk about the waiver wire for Week 8. All that, *and* two-point conversion talk! Guest: Brandon Funston of The Athletic (@BrandonFunston).

10/22: Week 7 Game Film Review

Week 7 was a blast! Mitch Trubisky went wild, but should you believe? Blake Bortles got benched, should you be surprised? Todd Gurley scored thrice, Kareem Hunt was awesome, Sony Michel is hurt and so much more stuff happened that'll affect your fantasy football team, and we'll work through it all, as we go through the game film to tell you what we saw. Guest: Brett Kollmann of the Film Room (@BrettKollmann).

10/19: Five Players To Trade Away

Our "Players To Trade For" episode last week went swimmingly, as the listening public decided not to spam-bomb us with how dumb our trade offers we're back to do it again, this time counting down five players we'd consider trading away. We'll also have thoughts about Thursday night's Broncos/Cardinals game and how David Johnson now becomes a buy-low candidate. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/18: Dalvin, TY, Flexual Healing, DraftKings, DENvARI Preview!

Dalvin Cook and T.Y. Hilton will return, but should you put them in your fantasy football lineup? We'll talk about that, we've got your mostly commonly asked-about flex questions for Week 7, we'll preview the Broncos/Cardinals game, and of course we'll talk about your lineups for Week 7 in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

10/17: Week 7 Ranks

Time to get those fantasy football lineups in shape for Week 7. We'll talk about some of the most interesting players you'll have to make decisions on for this weekend, in addition to some players we just found vexing to rank. Let's talk about Devonta Freeman's injury and the implications on the remaining Falcons RBs, some QBs with hard matchups, the Broncos and Cardinals backfields and way more. Guest: Heath Cummings of CBS Fantasy (@heathcummingssr).

10/16: Week 7 Waiver Wire & More Game Film

Aaron Rodgers did Aaron Rodgers things, and saved the Packers' bacon, but it's pretty clear the Packers have problems. We'll talk about that, about Alfred Morris disappearing, about Adrian Peterson and Cam Newton and Andrew Luck and Latavius Murray and dozens of other dudes from Week 6, then we'll spin it forward and talk Week 7 waivers! Guest: John Evans of the X's & Y's Podcast (@JohnF_Evans).

10/15: Week 6 Game Film Review

Pats/Chiefs was amazing! Bucs/Falcons was exciting! Bears/Dolphins was insane! We'll get started on watching all the Week 6 game film to make you a smarter fantasy football owner, talking about all the receivers you *might* be able to start (but maybe they'll vanish!) and all the running backs you *want* to start (but who keep fumbling on the goal line!). Enjoy! Guest: Sam Gold of The Athletic (@SamuelRGold).

10/12: Five Players To Trade For

It's a fine time to help those fantasy football squads with some good old-fashioned trades, and we'll tell you our favorite targets and give you ideas about what we might pay for them on today's episode. We'll also have a review of what happened during the Eagles/Giants Thursday night game, and talk injuries for Week 6. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/11: Flexual Healing & PHIvNYG Preview

Let's get those fantasy football lineups ready by talking about your flex...some flexuality talk in Flexual Healing, in which we look at the likes of Corey Davis, Tarik Cohen, Aaron Jones and more. We'll also preview the Eagles/Giants Thursday night game and talk about Week 6 in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

10/10: Week 6 Ranks

Is James White really an RB1? Is Doug Baldwin even vaguely startable? Do the Rams really have three WRs we should be using every single week? We've got your Week 6 fantasy football ranks show, in which we tackle these topics and a dozen more, and help whip your team into shape for the halfway point of the fantasy regular season. Guest: Jake Ciely of The Athletic (@allinkid).

10/9: Week 6 Waivers & More Game Film

Let's talk about Drew Brees's record (yawn), the Monday night game (double-yawn) and a bunch of genuinely interesting film stuff we saw from the rest of the Week 5 game tape. And then let's spin it forward and talk about a wild and woolly week on the Week 6 waiver wire, in which we try and to make sense of the Jay Ajayi injury and find solutions that can help, and also disagree about some high-volume WRs. Guest: Denny Carter of the Living The Stream Podcast (@CDCarter13).

10/8: Week 5 Game Film

Jags/Chiefs turned out to be a stinker, because Blake Bortles decided to "Bortles" the game away. We'll talk about that, we'll ruminate on Russell Wilson's future as a QB1, we'll talk about what ails the Eagles, and so much more, plus preview the Washington/New Orleans Monday night game. Enjoy! Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@Scott_Pianowski).

10/5: IND vs NE Plus Situations They LIED To Us About

Tom Brady was huge Thursday night and so was...Eric Ebron? We'll talk about what we learned from Colts/Patriots, run down the NFL injury news that might influence your fantasy football lineup decisions, and we'll also talk about NFL situations that the fantasy cognoscenti was wrong about back in August, and why you should never buy those types of arguments before you draft again. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/4: Flexual Healing & INDvNE Preview

You've got fantasy football lineup questions, we've got answers. Let's heal those flex spots, preview Andrew Luck's latest visit to New England, and talk about your Week 5 DraftKings lineup. And be sure to tune into the end of the show for a passionate defense of no tiers. Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

10/3: Week 5 Ranks & Le'Veon Bell News

Le'Veon Bell might be back Week 7. During a bye week. What the heck we're supposed to do with *that* little tidbit is up in the air, but we'll talk about it, and we'll also discuss some of the Week 5 ranks that have us confused, including what to do with the alluring Jaguars/Chiefs matchup featuring the best defense trying to stop the best offense. Guest: Liz Loza of Yahoo! Fantasy (@LizLoza_FF).

10/2: Week 5 Waiver Wire & More Game Film Review

Patrick Mahomes was great on Monday night, but great in a different way. We'll review that excellent tilt, and also finish up the rest of the Week 4 game film, including Leonard Fournette's injury, Doug Baldwin's return and Deshaun Watson's improvement. And then we'll tackle the Week 5 waiver wire! Guest: Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

10/1: Week 4 Game Film Review

NFL offenses just keep drowning us in fantasy football points, as studs and duds alike produced huge numbers in Week 4. We'll try and make sense of a day in which Alvin Kamara, Jared Cook, Zeke Elliott and Mitch Trubisky all went bananas, by watching the game film and telling you exactly what we saw! Plus we'll preview Pat Mahomes going to Denver. Guest: Matt Harmon of Yahoo! Fantasy (@MattHarmon_BYB).

9/28: Five Situations We Were Wrong About & Thursday Film Review

That was an offensive explosion Thursday night featuring two pretty awesome QB performances! And (what a shock) it also featured a ton of fantasy points by receivers. We'll go through it all, we'll talk injuries for Week 4, and then we'll have a far-ranging chat on the situations that some of us missed on when assessing teams and players this summer. Guest: Raymond Summerlin of Rotoworld (@RMSummerlin).

9/27: Flexual Healing & Previewing *BIG* MIN v LAR!

The Rams/Vikings Thursday night game is among the best in years, and we'll talk about the NFL *and* fantasy implications we expect. But not before tackling your flexual healing questions for your Week 4 fantasy football lineups! And we'll also preview Week 4 in DraftKings. Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

9/26: Week 4 Ranks

Let's dig into fantasy football ranks for Week 4 and pick out some of the more vexing names we'll have to consider when constructing our lineups, including Ryan Fitzpatrick, Sony Michel and a whole host of wide receivers who all seem equally capable of producing in today's NFL, where the QB12 today would've been a clear top-five QB just a decade ago. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN and Bleacher Report (@_JimmyMcCormick).

9/25: More Game Film & Week 4 Waiver Wire

Let's finish up the Week 3 game film review, including a discussion of Ryan Fitzpatrick turning into a pumpkin, and then a pumpkin nearly beating the Steelers in the second half! We'll also cover Derrick Henry, Alex Collins, Tyler Boyd and so many other guys, and then we'll spin it forward, and talk about your Week 4 fantasy football waiver wire. Guest: Bobby Sylvester of (@BobbyFantasyPro). 

9/24: Week 3 Game Film

As the NFL grows all the pass-heavier, figuring out fantasy football is getting all the more difficult. We have an incredible number of receivers producing huge days, and an increasing number of running backs held hostage by game flows that we're not great at predicting! We'll talk about all this and watch a ton of Week 3 game film to make our teams and strategies optimal. Guest: Jamey Eisenberg of CBS Fantasy (@JameyEisenberg).

Tulsa - Chapter 1 (Audio Sample Of Chris's New Novel)

Chris's novel Tulsa was published Monday, and we thought you might like to hear a sample chapter, in case you were on the fence about ordering it. This is how the book is described on Amazon: "All the electricity has gone out, nobody knows why, and it's five months later. Food is scarce, and gas is scarcer. The world isn't sudden chaos: it's simply quiet and lost….”

9/21: Five Trade Targets

Let's talk fantasy football trades! It's never easy to buy low on a player, because you're assuming the risk that they don't bounce back, which of *course* is a possibility. But leagues are won when you buy low on the right players, and we'll nominate some names. We'll also talk Week 3 injuries and review the Baker Mayfield Blues Implosion set on Thursday Night Football. And possums! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

9/20: Flexual Healing & NYJvCLE Preview

Let's make some Week 3 fantasy football lineups! Your toughest challenge each week is to decide on your flex. How should you use Carlos Hyde, Amari Cooper or Kenny Golladay this week? It depends on how much upside/risk your squad needs! We'll flexually heal you today, plus preview the Thursday night Jets/Browns game and look at Week 3 in DraftKings. Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

9/19: Week 3 Ranks

Remember all that situational speculation in August? How much of it has come true? The Bills being terrible? The Rams being good? Today we'll talk about Week 3 fantasy football ranks, but we'll also discuss players whose ranks have been affected by the truth of what the 2018 season has turned out to be to this point. How long do you stick to your guns with some of these players? When do you bail? Guest: John Paulsen of (@4for4_John).

9/18: More Week 2 Film & Week 3 Waiver Wire!

Russell Wilson struggled. Ryan Fitzpatrick went crazy again. Quincy Enunwa is the center of the Jets universe. We'll cover the rest of the Week 2 game film on today's show, then we'll spin it forward and talk about your best strategies for the Week 3 waiver wire, including what to do with the likes of Gio Bernard and John Brown. Guest: Brandon Funston of The Athletic (@BrandonFunston).

9/17: Week 2 Game Film & Harris's New Novel!

Let's watch some game film, and let's also maybe possibly maybe consider maybe getting Harris's new novel about the apocalypse, called "Tulsa"? Anyway, *mainly* what we're talking about on today's show is Week 2 game film, including how Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson looked, why Tevin Coleman is suddenly a thing, and whether you should trade for David Johnson. And then, y'know, there's the whole "Tulsa" thing.... Guest: Brett Kollmann of The Film Room (@BrettKollmann).

9/14 - Five Player Opinion Changes

It was Mixon v. Collins and Dalton v. Flacco on Thursday night, and we'll talk about how things looked, we'll give you some updates and fantasy football implications on the Week 2 injuries including Devonta Freeman and Leonard Fournette, and then we'll count down a list of five players on whom we find our opinions changing after just one game, despite the fact that we *know* we're not supposed to overreact! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch). 

9/13: Injury News & Flexual Healing

Will Leonard Fournette play? Will Aaron Rodgers? We'll lay out some of the key injury situations for Week 2, plus we'll address the difficulties of picking your flex spot with our Flexual Healing segment. And finally, we'll talk Week 2 in DraftKings, in which a pair of Pittsburgh Steelers may rule the day alongside AK-47. Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

9/12: Week 2 Ranks

Let's whip those fantasy football lineups into shape. Today we'll talk about ranking Devonta Freeman, Josh Gordon, Deshaun Watson, the unheralded tight ends, and many more interesting players for Week 2, and also do some Bears talk about Mitchell Trubisky's debut and what it portends for Allen Robinson. Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy (@andybehrens).

9/11: Week 2 Waiver Wire & More Game Film

Jared Cook went crazy! Is he a waiver add? (Hint: no.) We've got some waiver suggestions heading into Week 2, and by golly, we'll give them to you, but not before we finish up the game-film review from Week 1. That'll include Matthew Stafford's meltdown, the Bills' debacle, the Lightning Game, and James Conner going ham. Guest: Denny Carter of the Living The Stream podcast (@CDCarter13).

9/10: Week 1 Game Film Review

The NFL is finally back! Let's dig into the Week 1 game film and talk about what we saw...unlike other shows we're not relying on stats or snap counts: we watch all the games! Is Saquon Barkley for real? Did Deshaun Watson really stink? Did the Saints and Buccaneers really just do *that*? We've got it all for you! Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick).

9/7: Falcons v Eagles & Week 1 Over/Under Fantasy Thoughts

The NFL is back! A game counted! And it was kind of fun and close! We'll dig way down deep into the Thursday night tape and talk about Falcons/Eagles, tell you what we saw and the fantasy implications thereof. We'll also do a fun Music Digression, a mixtape, and a new intro for Cousin Josh, who comes aboard to do Over/Unders for Week 1. Fun show to get you ready! It's all happening! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch) with music from Massive Wagons.

9/6: More Le'Veon & Week 1 Flexual Healing

The Le'Veon Bell drama continues, and we'll discuss his trade market and how to best manage uncertainty. We'll do Flexual Healing to help you populate the flex in your lineup depending on whether you need a high-upside or safe-downside player. We'll have a Thursday night preview. And we'll talk Week 1 in DraftKings! Full show! Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

9/5: Week 1 Ranks

Let's talk Week 1 fantasy football ranks! How do we handle Le'Veon Bell, now that he still hasn't reported to Steelers practice? And what other players do we have concerns about for Week 1? Matchups are less of a concern this week, but injuries and uncertain roles are factors. We'll talk about all the players we downgraded (or upgraded) based on Week 1 availability. Guest: Jake Ciely of The Athletic (@allinkid).

9/4: Week 1 Waivers & Point Spread Picks!

Let's manage those fantasy football rosters! We'll dive onto the waiver wire for the first time today, and discuss players who maybe should've been drafted, but who can definitely be owned. We'll also make some point-spread picks for Week 1 in continuation of the After-Party, and get to your snark snark snark... Guest: JJ Zachariason of NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

9/3: McKinnon, Le'Veon, Gillislee & NFL Cutdown Day

Big news this weekend as Jerick McKinnon is out for the year, Mike Gillislee has replaced Jonathan Williams, Le'Veon Bell hasn't reported yet and many other fantasy-football-relevant moves were made. Let's dig into a holiday edition of the Little Podcast That Could, and figure out the impact on your NFL season!

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