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7/19: Draft Strategy Talk & NFC South Camp Previews

Why is the 2019 fantasy football market worried about Devonta Freeman but not about Christian McCaffrey? We'll discuss whether that's even a relevant question, plus look at the Saints, Panthers, Falcons and Buccaneers training camps to see what key issues might get addressed in August. Also: a few words about draft strategies in leagues with quirky scoring, rosters and/or lineups. Guest: Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

7/16: Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, A.J. Green & Much More!

Today we continue a canvas of NFL Training Camps and how they relate to fantasy football with a look at the teams of the AFC North, including some intriguing young stars and some aging veterans who might have one last hurrah. Also we'll talk about the philosophy of ranking in fantasy football and Zeke Elliott's possible holdout. Guest: Liz Loza of Yahoo! Fantasy (@LizLoza_FF).

7/12: Melvin Gordon Holdout & NFC North Camp Previews

Melvin Gordon could hold out of training camp or even the regular season! OH NO MELLY NO! We'll talk about the implications of this news about one of our favorite players, including whether we believe it could really happen, and if Austin Ekeler would be any kind of actual replacement. And then we'll continue our fantasy football preview of training camps, with a look at the teams of the NFC North. Guest: Evan Silva of (@evansilva) with music from Defining Parallel.

7/9: LeVeon Bell, Kenyan Drake, Patriots TE & Much More

Let's continue our training camp previews from a fantasy football perspective and talk about the teams of the AFC East: how will the Patriots replace Gronk, can Kenyan Drake ever earn a starting job, will the Bills hype their rookie RB and is Le'Veon Bell being underavlued? We'll address these questions and more, here in the Season Of Love! Guest: JJ Zachariason from NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

7/5: Derrius Guice, Evan Engram, Eagles Backfield & More

We're back! It's Season 5 of the Harris Football show, and we thank you so much for sticking with us! Let's do a re-entry show, touch on stuff that happened while we were away, and then also dig into the teams of the NFC East to talk about some of the more interesting situations for fantasy football, and how our opinions might evolve in August. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick) with music from The Glad Machine.

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