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8/31: Preseason Huggy & Baggy Awards

Welcome to our awards shows: an annual rite of passage that heralds the end of the (rather interminable) NFL exhibition season, and ushers us toward games that count! Today, we'll bring you the Huggy and Baggy Awards, which look ahead and try and predict the good and the bad out of what might happen in the 2018 fantasy football season! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/30: Listener Request Episode

Who are our favorite sleeper RBs and WRs? How do we name our fantasy teams? Where does McCormick get all his sweet, sweet cash? Today's show is turned over entirely to the Patreon supporters and People of the Book who sent in questions -- we'll answer them all show long (fantasy football and otherwise), and try our best *not* to mess with Torrey Smith. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick).

8/29: Five Players We've Changed Our Opinions On

We're near the end of a long, long fantasy football August, and we've had to react (or not react) to a whole lot of NFL data points in our ranks and draft strategies. Today, we'll discuss how *bad* some of that NFL reporting actually is, but we'll also talk about five players on whom are opinions have changed significantly since the evaluation and ranking process began. Guest: Raymond Summerlin of Rotoworld (@RMSummerlin).

8/28: Five Smart Draft-Day Talent Gambles

We talk tons about drafting your fantasy football team based on talent -- but of *course* that's not always possible. Sometimes even the most blinkered fantasy analyst has to admit that situation and other external factors get in the way! So today we'll talk about players we'd love to be higher on, but can't quite see our way to doing it...but whom we like as smart gambles in 2018. Guest: Matt Harmon of Yahoo! Fantasy (@MattHarmon_BYB).

8/27: Five Players We're Worried We're Wrong About

What if we're wrong! We spend an entire summer getting more and more entrenched in our fantasy football opinions, but what if it turns out things go sideways? On today's show, we'll count down the players we're worried something could go wrong with (or go *right* with), and make our draft ranks look silly. Also, we'll review Dress Rehearsal Weekend in the NFL preseason. Guest: Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

8/24: Un-Buzzed-About Players & Super-Deeps (6 thru 10)

With so much NFL media saturation, maybe the real definition of a sleeper is a good player who hasn't been talked about that much? That's the premise of today's show, as we tackle guys whose buzz has been low but whose ability we still believe in. Plus we'll finish up the Super-Deep Sleepers list! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/23: Super-Deep Sleepers For 2018 (#1 thru 5)

It's an annual tradition! We try and out-obscure *everybody* and give you our fantasy football Super-Deep Sleepers: players you almost certainly should *not* draft, but who have some combination of intriguing talent and potential situation, so that they may be interesting dynasty adds, or at least so that you'll be ready to pounce if/when they become waiver possibilities. Guest: Evan Silva of Rotoworld (@evansilva).

8/22: Five Breakout Players For 2018

Who are the next NFL superstars? Well, it's a hard game to play, but we'll take a shot on today's show: we'll come up with names we're excited about for this season, some of whom will come at insanely cheap prices in your fantasy football draft. (And we'll also unleash an all-timer of a mixtape.) Guest: Liz Loza of Yahoo! Fantasy (@LizLoza_FF).

8/21: Five Busts For 2018

Fantasy football drafts are here, and there are potholes and landmines. Don't be the person who makes an avoidable mistake! Let's find some players we don't like drafting at their current ADP, or we just don't like period. Also, we'll talk about Adrian Peterson signing with Washington. Guest: Sigmund Bloom of FootballGuys (@SigmundBloom).

8/20: Josh Gordon & Biggest O-Line Changes For 2018

The biggest week of fantasy football drafts has arrived, and we've got you covered. We'll talk about the big stories from the weekend including Josh Gordon returning to the Browns, and other stuff that changed our ranks. Plus we'll try and assess which offensive lines look like they're better and worse in 2018. Guest: Ross Tucker of the Ross Tucker Football Podcast (@RossTuckerNFL).

8/17: Flag Players For 2018 (#5 thru 1)

Let's keep going! These are the NFL players we're most excited to draft, the guys we're planting our flags on for 2018. Also: Cousin Josh puts on his Prince Of Darkness cape and tells us all about the five players you should not -- under any circumstances -- draft, because they will blow your fantasy football team apart: his annual Frag Players list. Enjoy! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/16: Flag Players For 2018 (#10 thru 6)

It's a tradition! We give our 10 Flag-Planted Players each season: players we're planting a flag on as good draft picks for fantasy football's upcoming season. We'll run down the first half of our list on today's show, plus revisit the notion of RB handcuffing to decide if it's an outdated strategy, or if there are some merits in it in this age of committee backfields. Guest: Jamey Eisenberg of CBS Fantasy (@JameyEisenberg).

8/15: Five ADP Surprises

Finally Harris has decided to pay attention to Average Draft Position in fantasy football, and has deigned to come down off the mountaintop to tell us what he thinks about it. So today, we'll discuss five ADP surprises: not necessarily sleepers or busts based on ADP, most just stuff that we wouldn't have expected the market to currently reflect. We'll also talk about some new players in the Almanac, and laugh at an all-timer mixtape. Guest: Jake Ciely of The Athletic (@allinkid).

8/14: Five Safe Players For 2018

After you've gone crazy in the first few rounds of your fantasy football draft, adding all manner of high-upside, scary-downside players, sometimes you just need to cool it down. We've got five guys who are perfect for just such cooling: steady fantasy contributors who might not score a lot of touchdowns and/or win you weeks by themselves, but who'll steady out the jagged performances of higher-risk dudes. Also: Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, Alfred Morris and more! Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@scott_pianowski).

8/13: Film Don't Lie University

It's finally time! We've been *telling* you what we see on film for years. Now we're going to give you the tools to see it for *yourself*. On today's show, we announce a limited-edition miniseries of YouTube videos called "Film Don't Lie University," which are free to watch, and which will tell you what *we* look for when evaluating players. Plus our Almanac update and ranks that have changed therein. Guest: Brett Kollmann of The Film Room (@BrettKollmann).

8/10: Five League-Winners

The NFL preseason has begun in earnest and fantasy football players want to know what it means…it doesn't mean that much! But there were injuries to discuss, and roster implications as a result. And then we'll get to today's main event: Cousin Josh will give us five mid-round picks who he thinks will be fantasy league-winners! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/9: Elite RB Film Talent...Plus Auction Strategy

Who are the fastest running backs in the NFL? Who are the most elusive RBs? We've watched the film, and we're here to tell you! Plus, let's talk auctions: why they're incredibly fun and stressful, why you should try one this month, and what are the most reliably winning strategies? Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN and Bleacher Report (@_JimmyMcCormick).

8/8: Five Swing Players For 2018

Let's talk league-winners! And league-losers! At the same time! Your fantasy football league often gets decided when a player who's got a wide range of possible outcomes clicks and outperforms his draft slot, but of course, trying to guess those players beforehand sometimes leads you to drafting someone who crashes and burns. We'll count down our Five Swing Players for 2018 on today's show, plus update Carson Wentz. Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy (@andybehrens).

8/7: ROOKIE WATCH - Chubb, Wilkins, Gallup, Sutton & More!

Today's pod goes far and wide to give different perspectives on 2018 issues that already feel more set in stone than they are. We'll talk about some potentially under-ranked and under-appreciated rookies like Nick Chubb, Jordan Wilkins, Antonio Callaway and others. We'll delve into what we think of Pat Mahomes's potential. And we'll discuss the "worst" NFL offenses, and talk about why they shouldn't be hands-off for fantasy. Guest: Matt Waldman of and the RSP Podcast (@MattWaldman).

8/6: Five Acid-Reflux All-Stars

Hard choices are necessary to win fantasy football leagues. Sometimes you wind up not having a choice: you find the value on a high-risk player to be too good not to select them. But you don't feel good about it! Today, we'll count down five players who give us heartburn in 2018. Plus we'll talk about Sony Michel's knee, Corey Coleman's trade and more! Guest: John Paulsen of (@4for4_John).

8/3: Five Post-Hype Sleepers

When the hype has cleared, and the a player hasn't lived up to it…what remains? Potential fantasy football value, is what! Today we'll cut through the noise, remember a time when players were probably overvalued, but now they might actually be undervalued because the market is scared of them. But we? We're not scared! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/2: Five Players Who Could Lose Their Jobs

Fantasy football is sometimes about avoiding landmines. On today's show, we pontificate on five players who seem entrenched on their NFL depth charts who could wind up being in trouble by the time August finishes. We'll also talk about five players who stood out on film (for good reasons and bad), and play you one hell of a mixtape. Guest: Evan Silva of Rotoworld (@evansilva).

8/1: Jimmy Garoppolo, Doug Baldwin, Todd Gurley & More!

Today we wrap up our training camp previews by assessing the hype trains that will be railroading the teams of the NFC West: will Jerick McKinnon really be a feature back? Is David Johnson's situation scarier than we think? What kind of passing-game work will Todd Gurley get? Is Doug Baldwin's protracted training camp absence something to panic about? We'll talk about 'em all! Guest: Denny Carter of Draft Day Consultants and Living The Stream (@CDCarter13).

7/31: Pat Mahomes, Amari Cooper, Royce Freeman & Much More!

The AFC West is filled with names you know, and young players who could be league-winners (or league-killers) in 2018. We'll assess how the hype might get out of control on dudes like Pat Mahomes and Royce Freeman, and talk about whether the likes of Amari Cooper, Emmanuel Sanders and Devontae Booker might be interesting value selections. Guest: Raymond Summerlin of Rotoworld (@RMSummerlin)

7/27: Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffrey, Julio Jones & Much More!

Who'll be overhyped? Who'll be underrated? What stories will get draft values out of whack? We'll continue our survey of training camps and the coverage thereof with a look at the teams of the NFC South, taking a deep dive into the Saints, Panthers, Falcons and Buccaneers. Guest: Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

7/24: Josh Gordon, Deshaun Watson, Corey Davis, Andrew Luck & Much More!

With NFL training camps about to begin, we tackle the teams of the AFC South. Will Deshaun Watson really produce a top-five fantasy season? Is Andrew Luck a smart bet given what we know about his shoulder? What will the Titans do at running back? We'll sift through the hype and talk truth on all these guys, and more. Guest: Matt Harmon of Yahoo! (@MattHarmon_BYB)

7/20: Jerick McKinnon, Kerryon Johnson, Bears Offense & Much More!

Will Matthew Stafford be a groomsman at Cousin Josh's wedding? We'll find out after we know whether he posts a 5,000-yard season! Let's continue our division-by-division preview of NFL training camps with a look at the four high-upside offenses of the NFC North. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

7/17: Le'Veon Bell, Alex Collins, Joe Mixon & More!

Le'Veon Bell will play under the franchise tag again! What does that mean for his 2018 value, and for his dynasty value going forward? What does the film say on the likes of Joe Mixon and Alex Collins? Is Josh Gordon really a WR1? Let's do a training camp preview of the teams in the AFC North, and figure out what we'll learn about all these guys in August. Guest: Jake Ciely of the On Target Podcast (@allinkid).

7/13: Saquon Barkley, Carson Wentz, Derrius Guice & Much More!

When can you feel good about drafting Carson Wentz? What can we learn about the Cowboys receivers to make us feel good about drafting them or Dak Prescott? Is Derrius Guice the truth? Today's podcast hits the big stories-to-be in training camps of the NFC East, plus discusses the LeSean McCoy news. Guest: JJ Zachariason of NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

7/10: Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead, Kenyan Drake, DeVante Parker & Much More!

Is Sony Michel legit? Why do people seem to love Rex Burkhead so much? Will the Bills offense be hot garbage, and what will that do to LeSean McCoy? On today's show we'll address all this and much more evaluating the teams of the AFC East, with a special emphasis on training camp: what stories can we learn from, and what situations can we take advantage of? Also: Dede Westbrook film! Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy (@andybehrens).

7/6: Welcome Back! What Has Changed?

The NFL has suspended Jameis Winston, Julian Edelman, Mark Ingram, Aaron Jones and some other guys. Some other players are hurt or returning from injury. We're back from our Summer Break, and it's time to react to all the news we missed! Come and get it, and welcome to Season 4 of The Little Podcast That Could! Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick).

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