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Why Advertise With Us?

The Harris Football podcast is the world's largest independent fantasy show. In a landscape where fantasy football continues to be incredibly popular but media coverage of fantasy football tends to be interchangeable, Christopher Harris has created a podcast where serious players learn and get better.


• Average household income is $100k+

• Typically have a captive audience that listens 46% of the time in the car, with 45% listening at home or in the office

• 74% of the audience listens for Chris specifically, they don’t want to go anywhere else!


• 51% of our audience is 25-34

• Almost 40% of the audience has purchased an item that Chris has shared on the show

• 46% of our audience has a bachelors degree; another 31% has a graduate degree


Advertiser Testimonials

Mack Weldon

Client Objectives: The goal was to grow male 18+ audience, increase sales, and maintain a low cost-per-acquisition.

Campaign Successes: Mack Weldon saw a 4x increase in sales and gained valuable understanding that they had a strong audience in NFL and Fantasy Football fans.

“Chris knows how to talk with his audience. He knows them. He built this audience. So he knows how to talk to them in a way that I couldn’t."




Draft Kings

Client Objectives: The goal was to reach a large, engaged fantasy football audience and to drive signups of new users who had never played before.

Campaign Successes: Drove signups of new users that led to an extension of the campaign and a weekly contest element drove customer engagement.

“Chris is a great partner and is very passionate about our brand/product. We look forward to continuing with HarrisFootball for seasons to come!”


Leesa Sleep

Client Objectives: The goal for this campaign was to reach 24-44 yr old men, and more specifically men 24-34 that are interested in sports. They wanted to hit their CPA and also increase their prospects to retarget further down the marketing funnel.

Campaign Successes: The campaign reached the CPA goal and as a result the campaign was extended. Social media goals were reached and exceeded.

“He's one of the podcasts we have found that continue to work for us because of his growing loyal audience and authentic, genuine reads.”

Mott & Bow

Client Objectives: The goal was to reach men, 21-45, who like sports and wear jeans. They had success in the past with sports podcasting and wanted to see if they could replicate with HarrisFootball.

Campaign Successes: ROAS and CPA goals were exceeded sometimes by 25% or more.

“Chris is a terrific partner who makes his loyal audience understand that he cares about each individual read. The audience understands that our product is important to him.”

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