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Tulsa - Chapter 1 (Audio Sample Of Chris's New Novel)

...In Which You Listen To The First Chapter Of Harris’s New Novel Tulsa

Chris's novel "Tulsa" was published Monday, and we thought you might like to hear a sample chapter, in case you were on the fence about ordering it. This is how the book is described on Amazon:

"All the electricity has gone out, nobody knows why, and it's five months later. Food is scarce, and gas is scarcer. The world isn't sudden chaos: it's simply quiet and lost. Survival depends on trusting the right people, and staying away from the wrong ones. But how can you tell the difference? Tulsa is a ground's-eye view of the apocalypse: a front-row seat to the slow-motion unraveling of society and the things we believe comprise identity. As the world falls apart, there are people everywhere—trustworthy or treacherous—and somewhere in the countryside, there is a particular farm...."

If you'd like to get a copy, here's a link to the full audiobook:

(and you can find the paperback and Kindle versions there as well)

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