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11/3: Watson, Fantasy Clichés We Hate, BUF v NYJ Film & More

Deshaun Watson's torn ACL is a crushing blow to the Texans offense and a lot of fantasy teams...we'll discuss the fallout of that, and of Zeke Elliott being allowed to play in Week 9, we'll review the game film from the Thursday night contest, and we'll also list our least-favorite clichés when it comes to fantasy football analysis. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

11/2: Josh Gordon, Film On Anderson, Mack, Davis & Flexual Healing

Josh Gordon may be coming back...should your fantasy team care? We'll discuss, plus evaluate the Eddie Lacy and Jimmy Garoppolo rumors, we'll heal you FLEXUALLY and preview Thursday night, and also look at Week 9 in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

11/1: Week 9 Ranks & Trade Talk, Film Review Of Drake, Richardson, Samuel & More!

Kelvin Benjamin has a new team, the Dolphins have new starting running backs and the Seahawks receivers look explosive. There's so much to talk about! We'll look at all these issues and many more through the lens of our Week 9 ranks, plus restart our Film Futures feature with a deep dive on Curtis Samuel. Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! (@scott_pianowski).

10/31: Ajayi, Garoppolo, Film Study & Week 9 Waiver Wire

The trade deadline hasn't even happened yet, and we just got hit with three biggies, one right in the middle of today's show! We'll evaluate the fallout from the Eagles getting Jay Ajayi, the 49ers getting Jimmy Garoppolo and the Seahawks getting Duane Brown, in addition to watching the remainder of the Week 8 game film, plus we'll talk Week 9 waiver wire. A super-sized show! Guest: Denny Carter of (@CDCarter13).

10/30: Game Film Review - Week 8

Rain soaked the East Coast and created some visual messes...but how much did it actually affect your fantasy players? We'll discuss as we do our regular Monday deep dive into game film, trying to figure out whether Deshaun Watson is the GOAT, Kirk Cousins is doomed and the Patriots are magical. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN, Bleacher Report and RotoCurve (@_JimmyMcCormick).

10/27: Midseason Awards Show

Who's been great? Who's been bad? Who should you trade for? Who should give up on? We've got all the answers and much more silliness in the Midseason Huggy Awards and Baggy Awards, plus we'll review the film on the Dolphins/Ravens debacle and talk about Week 8 injuries. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/26: Film On Doctson, Smallwood, JuJu & Flexual Healing

Time to set your Week 8 lineup, which means it's time to figure out your flex in a terrible week for byes. We took your Flexual Healing questions and we'll review film on some candidates, then we'll do a preview of the Thursday night game, and help you figure out the best possible slate for Week 8 in DraftKings. Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

10/25: Week 8 Ranks & Film Review Of Falcons, Packers, Mixon & More!

The Falcons are broken! The Packers are broken! Or are they really? How should you approach their offensive skill players? We've watched a bunch of film and we'll tell you what we think, plus we'll talk Mixon, Thielen, Anderson, Abdullah and more. Guest: Sigmund Bloom of (@SigmundBloom).

10/24: More Game Film & Week 8 Waiver Wire

Carson Wentz was great, Adrian Peterson was not, and the Broncos, Colts and Cardinals looked hopeless while getting shut out. Let's comb through the rest of the Week 7 game film, and get you ready for Week 8 with a look at your waiver-wire prospects! Guest: Brandon Funston of the Fantasy Record podcast (@BrandonFunston).

10/23: Game Film Review - Week 7

Hey Falcons! What happened Sunday night? Holy cow: facing the league's worst defense, Atlanta laid an egg. And that's just one of the many storylines from Sunday, which included the Packers looking terrible without Aaron Rodgers, LeSean McCoy getting off the schneid, Josh McCown being McCowny and tons of other stuff. We'll review the film! Guest: Pat Daugherty from Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

10/20: Amari Cooper, Benchable Players & KC v OAK film

What a game! Thursday night featured one of the great games of the 2017 season -- Chiefs at Raiders -- with fantasy fallout galore, and we'll dive into the film. We'll also give you league-wide Week 7 injury updates, plus we'll pick out five players who were supposed to be fantasy stars, but we are now benchable and in some cases cuttable. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/19: Film On Lewis, Shepard, Gabriel & Flexual Healing

It's hard out here for a flex! Building a lineup can be tough with big surprises and big disappointments littering the fantasy landscape, but we'll help you out by talking about some of your most pressing flex players. We also have a Thursday night preview, and we'll talk about Week 7 in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark.

10/18: Week 7 Ranks & Film Review Of Kamara, Crabtree, Seattle RBs & More!

The big-back-versus-small-back conundrum continues to plague the NFL and your fantasy team...and today we weigh in on the frustration of many platoon backfields, diving into the film to help you make decisions. We talk through many Week 7 ranks, including a look at Alvin Kamara, who is fast becoming one of our favorite players. Guest: Bobby Sylvester of (@bobbyfantasypro).

10/17: More Game Film & Week 7 Waiver Wire

Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald were great! The Ravens offense is not! We take your through the rest of the Week 6 game film to assist your fantasy squad, plus tackle the Week 7 waiver wire with some RB assistance that might be on the way. Guest: Evan Silva of Rotoworld (@evansilva).

10/16: Game Film Review - Week 6

Aaron Rodgers is done with a broken collarbone, and it stinks. We'll dive into the Week 6 film to tell you about *all* the injuries and the fantasy ramifications thereof, as well as the surprise studs and duds from an exciting week of NFL action! Guest: Brett Kollman of The Film Room (@BrettKollman).

10/13: Zeke, Trade-Away Players & PHI v CAR Film

What should you do if Zeke Elliott's suspension begins in Week 7? What lessons should we take from Thursday night's Eagles/Panthers game? And who are some players you should think about trading away before the games this weekend? We'll answer all these questions, plus talk about Week 6's injury news! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/12: Film On Garcon, Duke, Buck & More Flexual Healing

Time to build those Week 6 lineups, so let's figure out who should be your flex! We'll talk through some of your most asked-about Flexual Healing names, including Pierre Garcon, Duke Johnson, Buck Allen and others, and then we'll also examine our weekly cards for DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

10/11: Week 6 Ranks & Film Review Of Peterson, Demaryius, Miller, Goff & More!

Adrian Peterson is gone from New Orleans. What does that mean for the Saints backfield *and* the Cardinals backfield? We dig into the Week 6 ranks and use them as an excuse to discuss game film on several players including AP, Demaryius Thomas, Elijah McGuire, Devin Funchess and many more. Guest: John Paulsen of (@4for4_John).

10/10: More Game Film & Week 6 Waiver Wire

Jordan Howard, Latavius Murray, Jerick McKinnon, Alshon Jeffery, Amari Cooper, Carlos Hyde, Marlon many more names to evaluate from Week 5, and we've got you covered: we've watched the rest of the game film and will report what we saw, plus we've got the Week 6 waiver wire ready to roll, just for you. Guest: JJ Zachariason of NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

10/9: Game Film Review - Week 5

Odell Beckham is hurt, which means another fantasy first-rounder is done for the year, and you need help. Today we review the Week 5 game film and go beyond the box score: Is Cam Newton good again? Is Deshaun Watson foolproof? Is DeMarco Murray doomed? We address it all! Guest: Jamey Eisenberg of CBS Fantasy (@JameyEisenberg).

10/6: Players To Trade For & Pats v Bucs Film

It's a great time for trades, and we've got you covered: on today's show, we count down our five favorite trade-acquisition candidates one month into the regular season. And we also talk about the weird and sometimes bad coaching in the Thursday night Patriots/Buccaneers game as well as Doug Martin's return, plus update the weekend's injury names. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/5: Film On Collins, Fuller, Gallman, Engram & Flexual Healing

Time to get that healing! The flexual kind! We watch game film so you don't have to, and today we dive into the All-22s to talk about some of your possible flex choices for the week, including a pair of Giants rookies, a Ravens RB...and the return of Doug Martin! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

10/4: Week 5 Ranks & Film Review Of DeMarco, Abdullah, McCaffrey & More!

Some strong teams are on bye in Week 5 and some big players got hurt last week, so the ranks get really tough to figure! We do our best to sort through the madness and take a filmic look at the players you're most curious about, and who are the hardest to make sense of. Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@scott_pianowski).

10/3: More Game Film & Week 5 Waiver Wire

Let's talk about the fun Monday night game and the rest of the Week 4 game film, and then turn the page to Week 5, and what promises to be one of the biggest waiver-wire weeks of the year, with injuries to Dalvin Cook, Chris Carson and others -- which players should you add and how much should you spend on them to assist your team as the bye weeks begin? Guest: Matt Williamson of the Locked On NFL Podcast (@WilliamsonNFL).

10/2: Game Film Review - Week 4

We watched the game film from Week 4 and tried to see the players behind the box scores, and we'll talk about the day's big injuries and whether there are good replacements for the hurt players on your fantasy teams. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN and Bleacher Report (@_JimmyMcCormick).

9/29: Hot & Cold Starts To Believe In & Bears v Packers Film

Should you believe in Carlos Hyde and Stefon Diggs's hot starts? Should you be freaked out by Amari Cooper and Marshawn Lynch's cold starts? We'll tell you, plus we'll dive into the Bears/Packers Thursday night game film and tell you what to make of Ty Montgomery's injury and Aaron Jones's possible ascension. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

9/28: Film On Carson, Mixon, Martavis & Flexual Healing

Wow, Flexual Healing has definitely become a thing! Every week we set a record with more requests for film-watching on your potential flex players, and we oblige today with six players' worth of film study and some crossover points to help you set your lineup. We also do a Thursday night preview, and some DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

9/27: Week 4 Ranks & Film Review Of Murray, Cooper, Pryor & More!

It's Week 4, and you've already got some tough lineup decisions. Let's talk about the most difficult players to rank, and watch some film on them, to figure out whether their hot starts are sustainable or their cold starts are set to turn around! Guest: Pat Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

9/26: More Game Film & Week 4 Waiver Wire

The new Cowboys triplets did just enough to win some fantasy weeks, while flag player Larry Fitzgerald exploded and saved a lot of bacon. Let's review the rest of the Week 3 game film, and then turn our attention to the waiver wire, where some speculative running backs could offer a key to an October fantasy surge! Guest: Brandon Funston of the Fantasy Spin podcast (@BrandonFunston).

9/25: Game Film Review - Week 3

It wasn't a great weekend for the echo chamber! If we went chasing supposed usage changes, we mostly got burned. While that doesn't mean such changes never happen, it reinforces the idea that trying to predict usage or game flow is often too random a battle, and we're better off investigating talent. So let's do it! Let's look at some game film from Week 3! Guest: Sam Gold of (@SamuelRGold).

9/22: Top 5 Trade Candidates & Rams v 49ers Film

It's probably a little early to think about major fantasy football trades. Then again: if someone in your league is panicking on a player you like, it's never a bad idea to see if you can get them to make a decision they'll regret! We count down some interesting acquisition candidates, plus dive into Thursday night's Rams/49ers film. Guest: Raymond Summerlin of Rotoworld (@RMSummerlin).

9/21: Film On Stewart, Fitz, Buck And More In Week 3 Flexual Healing

When you get that's time for Flexual Healing, which is our weekly excuse to dive into the game film once more, and talk about some of the players you're considering for your fantasy flex this week. And we'll also do a Thursday Night preview, give you a listener mixtape and preview Week 3 in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

9/20: Film On Howard, Murray, Pryor & Week 3 Ranks

What do you do with Jordan Howard? How about DeMarco Murray and Terrelle Pryor? Is Chris Carson a stud? Is Dez Bryant a no-go against Patrick Peterson? We dive right back into the game film to figure out what's up with those players and many more as we sort through the Week 3 ranks. Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy (@andybehrens).

9/19: More Game Film & Week 3 Waiver Wire

The Giants look why should you trade for Odell Beckham? We review the remainder of the Week 2 game film, including Carson Palmer, Jordan Howard and Cam Newton struggling, and then we get you ready for Week 3 by ranking the five best waiver adds you can make. Guest: Nick Raducanu (@AltNickRad).

9/18: Game Film Review - Week 2

Todd Gurley was great! DeMarco Murray wasn't! The Patriots are back! The Seahawks aren't! There's so much to talk about from Week 2, and we've spent hours poring over the game film so you don't have to. Let's talk about what we saw, and what it implies for your fantasy team going forward. Guest: Brett Kollmann of The Film Room (@BrettKollmann).

9/15: Five Player Opinion Changes & HOUvCIN Film

We're not supposed to change our opinions on players after just one week. That's called "overreaction." But we have to admit: there are a few players whose usage and performance scared us or thrilled us, and made us reassess. Today we'll talk about those guys, and also review the Texans/Bengals Thursday night game film. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

9/14: Flexual Healing - Film-Watching Your Week 2 Flex Candidates

You just added Tarik Cohen...should you play him? How about Jamison Crowder after a disappointing Week 1? Is Tevin Coleman really a starter behind Devonta Freeman? We'll discuss our Philosophies Of Flexuality for Week 2 on today's show, and also look at building your Week 2 DraftKings card. Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

9/13: David Johnson Fallout & Week 2 Ranks

David Johnson is officially on injured reserve after wrist surgery, and it's a bummer! Today we'll talk in general about how to manage your team when you lose a big player like DJ, and then we'll move on to the Week 2 ranks, answering your biggest questions and talking through some of the most difficult-to-assess players. Guest: Matt Harmon of (@MattHarmon_BYB), with music from The Glad Machine.

9/12: More Game Film & Week 2 Waiver Wire

Let's finish up the Week 1 game film and figure out the truth behind the box score on players like Isaiah Crowell, Joe Mixon, DeAndre Hopkins and many more...and then let's turn the page and talk waiver wire to get your team in shape for Week 2. Guest: JJ Zachariason from NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

9/11: Game Film Review - Week 1

Film Don't Lie! It never fails: people convince you they know exactly what's going to happen, which teams are good, which teams are bad, which situations will be disastrous for your fantasy squad...and then the NFL reinvents itself. In this regard, the NFL is undefeated! So let's look at the game film, and talk about what these situations and players are actually starting to look like. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN, Bleacher Report and RotoCurve (@_JimmyMcCormick).

9/8: Chiefs vs Pats & Week 1 Trashbags

Kareem Hunt is amazing! He just turned in the most scrimmage yards for a first game in NFL history! But what does the film say on him, and on Mike Gillislee, Tom Brady, Tyreek Hill, Danny Amendola, Alex Smith and the rest of the players from Thursday night's opener? We'll discuss, plus the Prince of Darkness selects disappointments-to-be from the other Week 1 games. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

9/7: Flexual Healing - Week 1

You've got that feeling! You know what you need! It's time to answer your most pressing flex questions for Week 1 by giving you some crossover points among the different fantasy positions, and it's also time to dive into the Week 1 DraftKings pools to optimize your lineup! Plus there's actual football tonight! That counts! Break out the footie pajamas! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

9/6: Week 1 Ranks

Week 1 fantasy ranks are frustrating! We don't really know who the good defenses are and we don't know how players will be used, and so it's tough to know who to start. We'll walk you through some of the NFL's most vexing players and lineup decisions on today's show, in the least hypocritical way we can muster! Guest: Bobby Sylvester of (@bobbyfantasypro).

9/5: Week 1 Waivers & 2017 Talent Inefficiencies

Today we've got your best Week 1 waiver adds, ranked in order of urgency, and we've also got a film assessment of five players whose current market valuations aren't in alignment with their film talent. A snapshot of now and a look-ahead to the opening fantasy football weekend. Great stuff! Guests: Matt Waldman of (@MattWaldman) and Denny Carter of (@CDCarter13).

9/4: Phillip Dorsett, Willie Snead, Matt Jones & NFL Cut-Down Day!

The Patriots traded for Phillip Dorsett! Willie Snead was suspended! Matt Jones shrugged off the yoke of tyranny in D.C.! And many, many players were cut or relocated. You need to know what it all means, and we can help! The Little Podcast That Could takes no days off -- come along with us!

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