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12/29: Huggy & Baggy Awards and 2017 Super-Cut!

2017 was a great year for our podcast and a pretty cool year for fantasy, and we'll wrap it all up with a super-sized episode. Let's hand out the season-ending hardware, for good and bad, with the Huggy and Baggy Awards, let's do a quick update on names you need to know for week 17, and let's do our annual Super-Cut of the entire season, boiling a full year down into 11 minutes. Thank you for an amazing season! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

12/28: JuJu, Week 17 Ranks & DraftKings

Playing in Week 17? We'll talk lineup philosophy for your finals, including what to do with your Chiefs, Rams and Eagles, as well as why your Titans, Ravens, Chargers, Bills, Seahawks and Falcons may be the safest guys to play. We've got a Film Futures Or Whatever It's Called on Steelers rookie WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, plus we'll wrap up the season in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

12/26: Week 16 & The Jimmy Awards

A lot of fantasy championships have been decided, and we'll talk about that. Many championships will ride on Week 17, and we'll talk about that a little bit, too. Plus since it's the end of the year, we'll do our Third Annual Jimmy Awards: a look back and the best and worst of 2017 and some thoughts about 2018 as well. Enjoy! Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN, Bleacher Report and RotoCurve (@_JimmyMcCormick).

12/22: Five Undervalued Players For 2018

We'll talk a bit more about your finals preparation -- both injury-wise and psychology-wise -- before we move on to a full-fledged crystal-ball look ahead at 2018: we pick players we think could wind up being undervalued in drafts next year. Call them sleepers, call them value picks: we like 'em! Also, our favorite Christmas song! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

12/21: Finals Ranks, Film Futures & DraftKings!

Let's talk finals ranks, and delve into some of our more controversial player stances for Week 16. But let's also not forget that there are future fantasy let's do a Film Futures on Jets rookie RB Elijah McGuire. We've also got a couple hilarious mixtapes and some DraftKings talk to keep you going this holiday weekend. Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

12/19: More Game Film, Playoff Lineup Strategies & Week 16 Waiver Wire

Mike Evans and Devonta Freeman did you right on Monday night, and Julio Jones did you wrong. We'll catch up with the rest of the Week 15 game film, including what in the world to do with Blake Bortles in your finals. We'll also talk about lineup strategies for your winner-take-all Week 16 showdown, and run through some emergency waiver-wire names. Guest: Nick Raducanu (@Stick2Sportz).

12/18: Game Film Review - Week 15

Aaron Rodgers returned, the Patriots pulled out another Brady-and-Gronk-based miracle, Nick Foles impressed, Todd Gurley and Kareem Hunt went crazy...the fantasy semis were filled with amazing performances as well as some amazing letdowns. We'll run through the game film and tell you what we think! Guest: Pat Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

12/15: Five Busts For 2018 & Week 15 Injury News

Who'll bust next season? We've got some ideas about that, and we'll share them with you today, but not before we also talk about Thursday night's Broncos/Colts game, and also run through the injury news we'll be tracking as we set our lineups for the fantasy semifinals this weekend. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

12/14: Playoff Injuries & Ranks, Film Futures & DraftKings

At playoff time, your lineup decisions should be simpler: don't mess around with fringe clever picks...choose from among the names who offer a combination of upside and reliability. Today we talk about more Week 15 ranks and why we landed where we landed. We'll also examine film on Devontae Booker with an eye toward the future, plus talk DraftKings. Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

12/13: Week 15 Ranks & Film Futures!

Aaron Rodgers's return opens a huge can of worms for teams in the fantasy semifinals. We'll talk about the lineup implications for him and his pal Jordy Nelson, and talk through more players it'll be difficult to pull the trigger on using here in Week 15. Plus we'll discuss the bright future ahead for Kenny Golladay. Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@scott_pianowski).

12/12: Rodgers, Wentz, More Game Film & Week 15 Waiver Wire

Finally! The Patriots finally saw an offense that knew how to attack them, stuck with the plan, and challenged them. Let's talk about the implications of New England's Monday night loss going forward, and also review the rest of the Week 14 game film. Plus we'll spin it forward and talk about Aaron Rodgers's return, Carson Wentz replacements and the rest of the Week 15 waiver wire. Guest: Denny Carter of the Living The Stream podcast (@CDCarter13).

12/11: Game Film Review - Week 14

Carson Wentz getting hurt ruined what was otherwise a blast of a Week 14, and we'll talk about the implications of the Wentz injury and so much else: Russell Wilson's day in north Florida, Cam Newton stinking and then being tremendous, what's up with the Steelers defense, whether the Cowboys offense is back, and about two dozen other intriguing situations as the fantasy playoff grind forward! Guest: Jamey Eisenberg of CBS Sports (@JameyEisenberg).

12/8: Top 12 Picks Of 2018 and NOvATL Review

Who gets drafted in the first round of 2018 fantasy drafts? We'll make our first projections on today's show, trying to ignore situation as much as possible and account for extreme talent. We also dive into the Saints/Falcons poop-show from Thursday night, a poorly played game that saw Alvin Kamara concussed and Matt Ryan grasping at straws, and we'll review the Week 14 injury names you need to know. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

12/7: Film Futures, Flexual Healing & DraftKings

Saints/Falcons will be a blast, and we've got a preview. James Conner is starting to look like a player, and we'll talk about his future. There are flex decisions to make in your lineup, and DraftKings cards to craft, and we've got you covered for all that, plus a spectacular new listener mixtape. Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

12/6: Week 14 Ranks & Film Review Of Hunt, Goodwin, Drake, Mack & More!

Kareem Hunt has been a disaster for fantasy. What's wrong? Did we get his talent wrong? Is he simply being held hostage? Should you use him for the first week in your fantasy playoffs? We watched all Hunt's film and will weigh in, plus we've got tons more Week 14 ranks talk and a Film Futures (or whatever it's called) on Marlon Mack. Enjoy! Guest: Jake Ciely of the FNTSY Sports Network (@allinkid).

12/5: More Game Film & Week 14 Waiver Wire

Violence and head shots are part of the football conversation again after the Steelers/Bengals game Monday night. We'll offer our thoughts, and then review the remainder of the Week 13 game film to get you ready for your fantasy playoff opener. And as part of that, we'll also scope out the Week 14 waiver wire and find a few solutions you might use in a playoff game. Guest: Matt Williamson of the Locked On NFL Podcast (@WilliamsonNFL).

12/4: Game Film Review - Week 13

A full slate of games begs us to comb through the tape and find out about the players who'll decide our fantasy playoffs -- so that's what we'll do! A huge week of big performances and big disappointments, including Gronk's elbow, the Chiefs' return and subsequent gag, Mike Davis and Alex Collins impersonating one another, and so much more! Let's review! Guest: Brett Kollmann of the Film Room (@BrettKollmann).

12/1: Fantasy Playoff Strategy Special & WASvDAL Review

Are the Cowboys back? We'll weigh in after a big Thursday night victory. Plus we'll give you advice on the best ways to approach your fantasy playoffs by counting down our savviest pieces of advice for the forthcoming storm, which will determine who in your fantasy league grabs the hardware. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

11/30: Film On Dede, Inman, Zay, Booker & Week 13 DraftKings

Dede Westbrook is sure getting some extreme love, given the fact that he's got nine career regular-season catches! But there's something to love there, and we do some Film Futures work on him, as well as some Flexual Healing on some other receivers you might be considering. And we've also got a breakdown of Week 13 in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

11/29: Week 13 Ranks & Film Review Of Jamaal Williams, Taylor, Perine, Foreman & More!

The fantasy playoffs are near! We help you get in those dang things by making good lineup decisions here in Week 13. We'll talk about some running backs coming off big weeks, a quarterback who returned after a sudden benching, and the implications of the big Eli Manning news. Plus a Film Futures look at D'Onta Foreman! Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy.

11/28: More Game Film & Week 13 Waiver Wire

Josh Gordon is coming back -- should you care? We'll tackle that question and dozens of others, including whether Russell Wilson can keep up the superman act, what's Jay Ajayi's deal, and will you ever be able to trust T.Y. Hilton. Plus we've got an awesome mixtape and your Week 13 waiver wire! Guest: Brandon Funston of the Fantasy Record Podcast (@BrandonFunston).

11/27: Game Film Review - Week 12

What the hell, Chiefs? Have you just decided September never happened? It was a wild and woolly Week 12 and we'll watch the film for you, tell you about Hunt and Fournette and Newton and Lewis and dozens of others, in our quest to see beyond the box score and help you heading into your regular season's final week. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN, Bleacher Report and RotoCurve (@_JimmyMcCormick).

11/22: Handcuffs, Week 12 Ranks & DraftKings Preview

The byes are over, there are three games Thursday, there are 16 games overall, there will be tons of food and let's talk about all of it! In today's super-sized episode, we touch on RB handcuffs, we review some of key names in our Week 12 ranks, and we highlight the best players to use Sunday in DraftKings! Guests: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch) and DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

11/21: More Game Film & Week 12 Waiver Wire

The Falcons almost blew it again, but Petey Sunshine wouldn't let 'em! We'll look at the rest of Week 11's game film starting with the Monday night game, and lurching into weird efforts in Denver and LA (including the Peterman Reality Tour), and then it's time to get our teams ready for the fantasy playoffs with the Week 12 waiver wire. Guest: Bobby Sylvester of Fantasy Pros (@bobbyfantasypro).

11/20: Game Film Review - Week 11

Is Samaje Perine a thing now? Were we just totally wrong on Dak Prescott? Did Jared Goff just prove he's not ready for prime time? Does the tight end position exist simply to torture you? We've got tons of film analysis for Week 11, plus a bunch of mixtapes and a preview of Monday night. Guest: Pat Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

11/17: Trade Deadline Special

It's time to wheel and deal! This is the last time we get to talk about fantasy trades in 2017, and fantasy trades are fun! We'll give you our favorite acquisition candidates for the rest of the season. We'll also talk about Madden-Cam on Thursday night's Titans/Steelers game and update the injury news heading into Week 11: Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

11/16: Film On Corey Davis, Alfred Morris, Maclin, Kizer & Way More!

We will Flexually Heal you! We will preview the Thursday night game! We will recommend some DraftKings players! We will do a Film Futures Or Whatever It's Called! We will tell you all about Tyrod Taylor's shortcomings! But mostly, we hope we entertain you. Enjoy! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

11/15: Tyrod, Dumb Panthers Arguments & Week 11 Ranks

Let's talk about Week 11 ranks, and let's debunk some dumb stuff the echo chamber has thrown around lately! Was Kelvin Benjamin the thing that was holding back the Panthers offense? Is Case Keenum actually Tom Brady in disguise? We'll watch some folks on film, talk about your Week 11 lineups, do a Film Futures and basically have a grand old time! Guest: Matt Harmon of (@MattHarmon_BYB).

11/14: More Game Film & Week 11 Waiver Wire

Should the Dolphins have their NFL membership revoked after Monday night? Maybe! That was bad. We'll tackle that game and the rest of the Week 11 film, and then we'll look ahead to a waiver wire that may not have sure bets, but which definitely has some interesting speculative adds who could change fantasy fates come December. Guest: Nick Raducanu (@Stick2Sportz).

11/13: Game Film Review - Week 10

The Cowboys were terrible...but was it really about Zeke Elliott's suspension? The Saints were great...but is Drew Brees still a strong fantasy option? The Rams keep scoring in droves...but will it continue as the schedule gets harder? We'll answer those questions and many more, looking at the game film from Week 10. Guest: Brett Kollmann of the Film Room channel (@BrettKollmann).

11/10: Lineup Construction, Trade Deadline & SEAvARI

The debate about lineup construction rages on. When should you "start your studs"? When should you "trust your gut"? There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but we'll ruminate while looking at the Week 10 ranks. We'll also give you some buy-low candidates ahead of the Yahoo trade deadline, and review the Thursday night Seahawks/Cardinals contest. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

11/9: Film On JuJu, Parker, Rawls, Kupp & Flexual Healing

Let's talk about flex, baby. It's time to heal you flexually with some film review on the likes of DeVante Parker, Thomas Rawls, JuJu Smith-Schuster and others. We'll also preview Seahawks/Cardinals, do a Film Futures on Cooper Kupp and talk about Week 10 in DraftKings: Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark (@pcclark59).

11/8: Week 10 Ranks & Film Review Of Martin, Allen, Njoku And More!

It's time for a reality check. Our favorite offenses from this summer? Might not be good! And if that's true, what should we do with our Falcons, Bengals and Titans? How about Doug Martin? How about Keenan Allen? We weigh in on all sorts of vexing Week 10 lineup questions the only way we know how: with film talk. Guest: Jake Ciely of the FNTSY Sports Network (@allinkid).

11/7: More Game Film & Week 10 Waiver Wire

Adrian Peterson had 37 carries, Alex Collins was a disappointment, C.J. Boatyard and Tom Savage are disasters...and the Packers weapons are looking at a bleak future. We'll inspect the rest of Week 9's game film, and then turn around and talk about the waiver wire for Week 10. Guest: JJ Zachariason of NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

11/6: Game Film Review - Week 9

Alvin Kamara and Mike Evans lost their minds, but in entirely different ways. We dig into the Week 9 game film to tell you what's up with Cam Newton, Jared Goff, Kareem Hunt, Christian McCaffrey, Devonta Freeman and many, many other players. Guest: Sam Gold of NFLBreakdowns and SBNation (@SamuelRGold).

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