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9/1: Zeke Elliott Update & Preseason Huggy Awards And Baggy Awards

Heading into the final big weekend of fantasy drafts, there's precious little clarity on Ezekiel Elliott's status, but we'll talk about what you should do given the uncertainty, and then it's time for our preseason awards show: the Huggy Awards and the Baggy Awards, to make you laugh and ponder here at the dawn of a new NFL season. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/31: Players Our Opinions Have Changed On Most

August is a *long* month in the NFL. It's hard to remember the days when we thought Joe Williams was gonna be a thing! So as the NFL's longest month winds down, we thought we'd look back and talk about the players on whom we've changed the most over the past four-plus weeks. Some big names! Surprising! Guest: John Paulsen of (@4for4_John).

8/30: Listener Request Episode

Today, it's all about you! We break from our usual format, and we take your questions on all things fantasy (and a few things non-fantasy), including tons of draft-strategy talk, different theories about different league types, breakout players, late-round players and much more! Guest: Jim McCormick of RotoCurve (@_JimmyMcCormick).

8/29: Five Safe Players For 2017

"Safety" is relative in fantasy's hard to be "safe" when your occupation is participating in car crashes all afternoon. But some RBs, WRs and TEs offer less week-to-week variance than others, which means they can be the glue that binds together your lineup, offering safe points where other players may be more up-and-down. We'll explore! Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@scott_pianowski).

8/28: Edelman, Ware, Meredith & Five Stressful Players

Week 3 of the preseason was brutal for injuries: Julian Edelman, Spencer Ware and Cameron Meredith were all lost for the season. We'll discuss those injuries today, and then we'll also talk about five players who we may actually wind up owning in '17, but who stress us the heck out. Guest: Pat Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

8/25: Super-Deep Sleepers (#6 thru 10)...and RB Handcuffs!

Our annual Super-Deep Sleeper list continues with five more players to be aware of in deeper leagues or as potential waiver adds, and we also have a conversation about the current state of running back handcuffing, and whether you should pay the price for potential committee backs. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/24: Super-Deep Sleepers (#1 thru 5)

It's another of our annual traditions: the Super-Deep Sleeper list of players who probably shouldn't be taken in standard-sized re-draft leagues, but who are talented enough and in interesting enough situations to be key players if things break right for them in 2017. Will your favorite deep sleeper make the list? Guest: Evan Silva of Rotoworld (@evansilva).

8/23: Five Breakout Players For 2017

Fantasy breakouts come in different shapes and sizes, and we've got several suggestions for you as your draft approaches. We have some early/mid-round players who could take a level jump into the stratosphere, and we've got some late-rounders we love as potential fantasy contributors right way. Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy (@andybehrens).

8/22: Five Busts For 2017

What's a bust these days? Is it someone who "sinks your battleship"? Is it someone who simply underperforms his ADP? Today we'll give you some players of both kinds: guys we're not gonna own in very many leagues given their current valuations. Guest: Matt Williamson of the Dynasty Blueprint podcast (@WilliamsonNFL), with music from Clean Cut Kid.

8/21: ADP Surprises

We spend all spring and summer coming up with ranks, via a delicate balance measuring ability and situation. Then we look at Average Draft Position, and scratch our heads. Today let's turn the lens onto some of the biggest surprises -- both for positive and negative reasons -- to be found within the fantasy market's current ADP. Guest: Joe Pisapia from FNTSY Sports Radio (@JoePisapia17).

8/18: 2017 Flag Players (#5 thru 1)

The flag list continues with five more players we find ourselves getting a ton in drafts: the players on whom we're planting a flag. Will your favorite sleeper or stud make the list? Also: Cousin Josh's annual Frag List. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/17: 2017 Flag Players (#10 thru 6)

It's time to plant some flags! We do it every year: we pick 10 players whose combo of draft value and talent we like best, and who we'll wind up with on a bunch of teams. Let's begin the countdown! Also: our auction-strategy preview for 2017. Guests: Brad Evans (@YahooNoise) and Brandon Funston (@BrandonFunston) of the Fantasy Spin Podcast.

8/16: Biggest Ranks Movers You Need To Know

With our August 14th Almanac update, we reassessed our player ranks and came out with some different results. Zeke Elliott, Andrew Luck, Sammy Watkins and Jordan Matthews moved for obvious reasons, but today we'll highlight the players who moved most for reasons other than roster changes or injuries. Also, we'll look at which offensive lines you should like and which ones you should be worried about. Guest: Ross Tucker of the Fantasy Feast Podcast (@RossTuckerNFL) with music from Tancred.

8/15: Raising Up The Injured Guys & TE Draft Strategy

Let's talk tight ends! At least for one year, the world has come around to *not* taking a TE in your first round, but when should you take one? We'll discuss that, and also talk about the abilities we see on film from the leading candidates, and we'll also explain relenting on the ranks of injury-prone Keenan Allen and Tyler Eiefert. Guest: Jamey Eisenberg of CBS Fantasy (@JameyEisenberg).

8/14: Zeke Elliott, Sammy Watkins & QB Draft Strategy

Did anything happen over the weekend? What's that? Fantasy football broke? Let's talk Zeke Elliott suspension, Sammy Watkins and Jordan Matthews trades...and let's also talk about your QB draft strategy in 2017: where's the smart money, and which young QB is ready for a breakout? Guest: Cian Fahey of (@CianAF).

8/11: Draft Strategy - WRs (Sleepers & Gambles)

Today we finish our player-by-player preview of the receivers by diving into the deepest of the depth and still coming up with prospects who intrigue us. If ever there's a testament to loading up on lottery tickets late, it's WR circa 2017! Hear some of our favorites and prepare to be amazed. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch) with music from Ratboys.

8/10: Draft Strategy - WRs (#31 thru 45)

We're deeper into our receiver ranks and we're *still* on some mighty excellent names! And there's a pretty big difference of opinion on some WRs in this range because this is obviously the deepest position in fantasy. Also we dip our toe in the preseason waters with Christian McCaffrey and DeShaun Watson. Guest: Bobby Sylvester of Fantasy Pros (@bobbyfantasypro).

8/9: Draft Strategy - WRs (#16 thru 30)

Wide receiver depth is on display on today's show, where there are high-upside receivers galore available at discount prices. Players like Terrelle Pryor, Martavis Bryant and Tyreek Hill do offer immense ceilings, but they also have scary floors. How should you reconcile their fantasy values? Let's talk! Guest: Sigmund Bloom of (@SigmundBloom).

8/8: Draft Strategy - WRs (#1 thru 15)

Let's dig into the receivers both to figure out players we like, and when we should think about drafting them. Consensus about when to take the very best WRs seems to have changed in a single year. Should fantasy strategies really ebb and flow like that? We discuss that and the top 15 WRs of '17. Guest: Matt Harmon of (@MattHarmon_BYB).

8/7: Draft Strategy - RBs (Sleepers & Handcuffs)

We wrap up our RB position preview by tackling (not literally) running backs outside our top 40, including some interesting late-round draftees, potential handcuffs, and mid-range rookies. And we also discuss Jay Cutler's glorious (?) return to the NFL. Guest: Nick Raducanu (@AltNickRad).

8/4: Draft Strategy - RBs (#26 thru 40)

Adrian Peterson! Doug Martin! Jamaal Charles! All our lost loves from fantasy football surface in today's episode, where we describe our current thinking on the RBs we're ranking from 26 to 40. But in a "flat" world where there's not that much difference between most RBs, these guys could all easily be worth drafting! Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/3: Draft Strategy - RBs (#11 thru 25)

The RB position preview continues, as we move through the presumptive fantasy starters at the position for 2017 and feel...nauseated? It's a shallow, shallow position this year, and that means the top 25 is extraordinarily rookie-heavy, because maybe the devils we don't know are better than the ones we do. Guest: JJ Zachariason of NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

8/2: Draft Strategy - RBs (#1 thru 10)

Let's begin our canvas of the Harris Football ranks by digging into the top 10 running backs: why do we have Lamar Miller so high and Jordan Howard so low? Are we soft in the head? (Don't answer that.) We'll talk about all the potential first-round RBs, plus dig into some fun RB analytics talk. Guest: Chase Stuart of and (@fbgchase).

8/1: Fantasy's Acid-Reflux All-Stars

It's Almanac Day! And in honor of the Player Profile Almanac being delivered, today we discuss five fantasy starters whose rankings give us heartburn. Maybe we're shocked to be high on them, maybe we're worried we're too low, but these guys are likely to make you think hard on draft day. Plus we'll finish our training camp previews with a look at the NFC East. Guest: Jake Ciely of RotoExperts and the FNTSY Sports Network (@allinkid).

7/31: Five Players Who Could Lose Their Jobs

There's risk, and then there's risk. Today, we talk about five NFL players who deserve to be taken in your fantasy draft, but who could legitimately wind up losing their jobs early in the season. How should you manage that risk? We'll tell you! Plus our division-by-division training camp previews continue with a look at the AFC East. Guest: Evan Silva of Rotoworld (@evansilva).

7/28: Five Post-Hype Prospects

Sometimes the market goes crazy for a player but he doesn't produce. In the afterglow of disappointment, is there something to still love about such post-hype players? Sometimes! On today's show we'll evaluate five candidates for post-hype production, and we'll continue our division-by-division tour of training camp stories with a look at the NFC North. Guest: Raymond Summerlin of Rotoworld (@RMSummerlin).

7/25: Sniffing Out Bad Analysis

The NFL and fantasy media have some great people doing great, difficult work. But there's also a lot of echo-chamber nonsense out there. On today's show, we'll pick through some of most prevalent "crutch arguments" you'll hear this summer, which stand in for real, nuanced analysis. Plus our division-by-division preview of training camps continues with a look at the AFC North. Guest: Liz Loza of Yahoo! Fantasy (@LizLoza_FF).

7/21: BE AFRAID - Five Fear-Factor Draft Picks

We're not saying don't draft these guys. We're just saying: if you find yourself queasy and shaking when you do draft them? We totally get it. Today we run down five of the scariest potential picks around, and also discuss the Chargers' Mike Williams misinformation war. Then we'll continue assessing training-camp stories with a look at the NFC South. Guest: Pat Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

7/18: Five High-Upside Sleepers

It's never too early for sleeper talk! Via our film-room work, we offer up five players whose ability outstrips their public perceptions, and who could come at a decent price in August. Plus we continue our division-by-division previews of training camps and the fantasy season with the AFC South. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN, Bleacher Report and RotoCurve (@_JimmyMcCormick).

7/14: Five Film Room Zeroes

On Tuesday's show we gave you some Film Room Heroes...let's turn it around and discuss some players whose 2016 game film left us wanting more. We don't hate these dudes! But we were surprised by some stuff on tape we didn't like. Also, we dive into some key players from the NFC West. Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy (@andybehrens).

7/11: Five Film Room Heroes

We've spent the summer poring over game film so our Player Profile Almanac will have tons of good stuff, and we've found several players whose film surprised and delighted us, and made us hope for good things in their immediate futures. We'll unveil our Film Room Heroes today, and also tackle the biggest storylines in the AFC West. Guest: Denny Carter of Draft Day Consultants and the Living The Stream podcast (@CDCarter13).

7/7: Welcome Back - What Has Changed?

We're back! Let's get this 2017 party underway! Our first show in a couple months will focus on what's changed since we left: LeGarrette Blount, Jeremy Maclin, Eric Decker (among others) all found new homes...what implications do these changes-of-addresses have on the '17 ranks? Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

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