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8/15: Five ADP Surprises

...In Which We Get Surprised By Fantasy Football Draft Market Valuations

Finally Harris has decided to pay attention to Average Draft Position in fantasy football, and has deigned to come down off the mountaintop to tell us what he thinks about it. So today, we'll discuss five ADP surprises: not necessarily sleepers or busts based on ADP, most just stuff that we wouldn't have expected the market to currently reflect. We'll also talk about some new players in the Almanac, and laugh at an all-timer mixtape. Guest: Jake Ciely of The Athletic.



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Jake's Five ADP Surprises:

5. Expected Trey Burton to be higher (glad he's not!)

4. Aaron Jones is ranked too high

3. Jamison Crowder has risen to a WR3 (which is correct!)

2. Ryan Grant is going undrafted

1. Sony Michel is hurt, he shouldn't be ranked ahead of Royce Freeman


Chris's Five ADP Surprises:

5. Theo Riddick is going undrafted

4. The market is as high as I am on T.Y. Hilton

3. Will Fuller is a sixth-round pick (which is dumb)

2. Mark Ingram is a fourth-round pick (which I understand)

1. Cam Newton is QB7??? (that's low)

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