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10/11: Five Situations They Lied To Us About, Plus Is Sony Michel Good?

In some ways, coverage of the NFL and fantasy football is better than it's ever been, in that there are more voices to choose from. But in some ways, it's getting much stupider. Today we'll look back on the summer lead-up to the 2019 season and find stuff that just turned out not to be true, but controlled an awful lot of opinions until the games began. We'll also review Giants/Patriots, and discuss whether Sony Michel is, like, good at football. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/10: Fantasy Football Trade Targets, Week 6 Injuries & Flex & More!

As people freak out about superstar NFL players not living up to their billing, now's the time when we can swoop in and buy them cheap for our fantasy teams. We'll run down a few names who fit that description, we'll do some flexual healing on your Week 6 lineup, talk about injuries, preview Giants/Patriots, play a great listener mixtape, *and* preview Week 6 in DraftKings. Now *that* is a full show! Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

10/9: Week 6 Fantasy Football Ranks - Start Tyreek Hill?

Time to start figuring out those fantasy lineups for Week 6, and one of the first question a fantasy owner in every league will have to decide is whether or not to take the plunge on Tyreek Hill if he returns to the Chiefs lineup. We'll talk about that, plus the KC running backs, the Rams and Broncos skill weapons, what to do with Aaron Rodgers and D.J Chark with a very difficult matchup, plus lots more! Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@scott_pianowski).

10/8: W5 Fantasy Waivers & The Browns Blow

That was...not exactly what we expected on Monday night. Now the Browns and all their skill weapons are sent into a spiral of existential angst as we question whether the likes of Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry are even startable! We'll also discuss a ton more games' worth of Week 5 film, plus we'll spin it forward and talk about your best adds and drops for your fantasy football roster in Week 6! Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick).

10/7: Week 5 Game Film Review - Upsets, Injuries & Bad Officials

Our 2019 fantasy football squads need a dose of reality, and that's what we'll try to give here to kick off the week: we'll dig into the Week 5 game film, tell you what we saw, and hopefully help you with some start/sit, waiver and trade strategies for your teams going forward. Who shone in some fantasy backfields? Which receivers struck it big? Which quarterbacks looked lost? We've got the answers! Guest: Jamey Eisenberg from CBS Fantasy (@JameyEisenberg).

10/4: Five Hot & Cold Starts To Believe In, Plus LARvSEA Review

Which hot starts in 2019 fantasy football do we think will keep going? Which cold starts are we *not* buying low on? We'll reveal our lists to help you in your fantasy trade and waiver markets, plus we'll discuss a pretty epic Rams/Seahawks tilt from Thursday night and mention the injury names you need to know heading into Week 5. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

10/3: W5 Flex Management, LARvSEA Preview, Injury News & More!

Time to get those fantasy football lineups ready for Week 5! Today we'll do tons of stuff with that aim: we'll discuss some of the most popular NFL names you're considering for your flex spot. We'll review injury news to discern who'll play and who might not. We'll preview the Rams visiting the Seahawks. And we'll also examine the best buys of the week in DraftKings. Big fun! Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

10/2: Week 5 Ranks - Melly, RoJo, Dalton, Tight Ends & Much More!

Week 5 fantasy football lineups are foremost on your mind, and we'll talk start/sit for upcoming fantasy tilts by diving into some of the more interesting issues in our Week 5 ranks. That'll include a conversation about what to do with Melvin Gordon, Phillip Dorsett, Ronald Jones, Andy Dalton, the Chiefs WRs and a lot more. Plus: the state of tight ends, and the state of NFL broadcasting. Guest: Heath Cummings of CBS Fantasy (@heathcummingssr).

10/1: ADD/DROP - Week 5 Waiver Wire & More W4 Film

Let's finish up the Week 4 game film with a look at some quarterbacks who terrify their coaches! From Mason Rudolph to Marcus Mariota to Jacoby Brissett to Kyler Murray to Gardner Minshew to Dwayne Haskins...there is some bad quarterbacking going on in the league right now, or at least some teams who are dink-dunking until they can dink-dunk no more. We'll talk about that, plus get into Week 5 with a look at the waiver wire. Guest: Brandon Funston of The Athletic (@BrandonFunston).

9/30: Week 4 Game Film Review For Your Fantasy Winning Edge

The Chiefs were fun! The Patriots kind of weren't! But they're both still undefeated, and we'll talk about their respective offenses and prospects going forward on today's podcast. We'll also check in on the Rams offense, Stefon Diggs, Lamar Jackson, Odell Beckham, Kenny Golladay and dozens of more fantasy football folks you need to know about as you head into the season's second month! Guest: Matt Harmon from Yahoo! Fantasy (@MattHarmon_BYB).

9/27: TRADE TALK: Five Players To Trade Away & PHIvGB Review

Let's talk more fantasy football trades! We're far enough along in the fantasy season where we can start finding market inefficiencies and players whose stats so far probably don't warrant a high ranking. That's why today's topic will largely be about finding players we believe are over-valued, and suggesting names you might get for them. We'll also review the fun Eagles/Packers Thursday night game, and some injury news heading into Week 4. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

9/26: Melly Returns, Flexual Healing & DraftKings

Melvin Gordon has ended his holdout and is back for the Chargers, though he won't play in Week 4. We'll discuss the fantasy football ramifications of this news, plus we'll prep you with all kinds of start/sit lineup advice for the week, including flexual healing, injury news, previewing Eagles/Packers and a look at some great plays for Week 4 in DraftKings! Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

9/25: Week 4 Ranks With L-O-Z-A

Let's get those fantasy lineups into shape with some Week 4 ranks talk. We'll discuss how much to weight matchups now that we've begun to get some real data, and talk about the effect of matchups on the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Terry McLaurin, Sony Michel, Tom Brady, Chris Carson and many more names you need to decide whether to start or sit. Guest: Liz Loza of Yahoo! Fantasy (@LizLoza_FF).

9/24: More W3 Game Film & Barkley Replacements On The Wire

That Monday night game was...something else. We'll offer up our thoughts, plus finish the Week 3 film review on more fun games, including weighing in on Josh Allen, Mason Rudolph, Devonta Freeman, Stefon Diggs and many others. Then we'll talk about adds and drops on the Week 4 waiver wire, and particularly some options for those fantasy football owners seeking to replace Saquon Barkley. Guest: Jake Ciely from The Athletic (@allinkid).

9/23: Week 3 Game Film - Existential Crises & Rookie QBs

Fantasy football has gotten as wild as ever, with superstar injuries, rookie heroes, fumblers, ballers and anything else you could want out of a week in the NFL. We'll talk about Saquon Barkley getting hurt, Daniel Jones's debut, Phillip Lindsay being studly, Kyler Murray struggling, the Rams offense looking pedestrian and dozens more storylines that came out of Week 3. Guest: Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

9/20: Five Fantasy Football Trade Targets & TENvJAC Review

It's time for some fantasy football trade talks. We've got some players who represent risk, but could also give you huge reward in a fantasy trade: the definition of "buy-low" targets who could help win your fantasy league. We'll also update the Week 3 injury news and review the constipated mess that was Titans at Jaguars from Thursday night. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

9/19: Flexual Healing & What's Wrong With The Rams?

The Rams were supposed to be a sure-thing for fantasy football, and through two weeks, they haven't been. We re-watched some film from the NFL's first couple weeks and we'll weigh in on what's going on in L.A. We'll also tackle your flex questions for Week 3 to help those lineups be the best they can be, we'll talk Week 3 injuries and let's look at this week in DraftKings! Guest: DFS expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

9/18: Week 3 Ranks - What Do You Do With Skill Guys With Injured QBs?

Time to start assembling our fantasy football lineups for Week 3, and the leading question will be what we should do with the likes of James Conner, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel and all the other skill guys who've got injured QBs. We'll talk through a lot of players in the Week 3 ranks and also discuss the context for our rest-of-the-season ranks. Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@scott_pianowski).

9/17: Waiver Wire Solutions & More W2 Game Film

The fantasy football waiver wire will be crackling with adds and drops this week, as two Hall of Fame QBs are injured and another one has been benched. We'll talk through your options on today's show, and also review the rest of the Week 2 game film to help you figure out your best lineups possible for Week 3. Guest: Denny Carter of Living The Stream (@CDCarter13).

9/16: Week 2 Game Film Review - The Rise Of Lamar!

Ben Roethlisberger is out for the year. Drew Brees is out for a while. We'll talk about tons of Week 2 NFL game tape and discuss the implications on your fantasy lineup, include Lamar Jackson's sudden rise, the Patriots' apparent unstoppability, Dak Prescott continuing his hot streak and Stefon Diggs doing lots of things of various levels of goodness. Also, we'll preview Monday Night Football. Guest: Sam Gold of The Athletic (@SamuelRGold).

9/13: Five Players We've Changed Our Opinions On & W2 Injury Updates

It's only been one it valid to change your fantasy football opinions? We'll talk about some players we now see in a different light headed into the NFL's Week 2, and we'll also deep-dive into the Buccaneers/Panthers Thursday night game, particularly emphasizing Cam Newton's distressing descent into non-fantasy-starterhood. Plus injury news for all your start/sit needs. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

9/12: Flexual Healing, W2 Injuries & TBvCAR Preview

So much fantasy football to talk about! We've got some crucial Week 2 injuries to discuss, including Hunter Henry, Derrius Guice, Tyreek Hill, Sam Darnold, Le'Veon Bell and more. We've got your flexual healing segment to help set your lineup. We'll preview the Buccaneers/Panthers Thursday night game. And we'll make our picks for Week 2 in DraftKings! Big show! Guest: DFS Expert Sharone Mitchell (@MitchDontLie).

9/11: Week 2 Ranks Talk - So Much DeSean Jackson!

Let's start putting those fantasy football lineups together! You have start/sit decisions galore, and we'll weigh in with on our opinions on some difficult-to-rank players for Week 2. Can you trust DeSean Jackson? Should you bench Aaron Rodgers? Is Stefon Diggs simply untrustable? How about Sony Michel? We'll hit a ton of names you need to know about before you submit your lineup! Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy (@andybehrens).

9/10: Week 2 Waiver Wire & More Game Film Analysis

We have a lot more NFL film to discuss to guide our fantasy football teams, so let's do it: we'll talk about Deshaun Watson's heroic effort, Josh Jacobs's debut, Ronald Jones looking like a beast, the Bengals throwing caution to the wind and tons more stuff from Week 1. Then we'll spin it forward and talk about your adds and your drops on the Week 2 waiver wire. Guest: Bobby Sylvester of FantasyPros (@bobbyfantasypro).

9/9: Week 1 Game Film Review - 2019 Begins!

The fantasy football season is fully underway! Some players performed well, some disappointed, and everywhere panic reigns supreme. We'll try and take a measured approach to your roster management and your expecations by doing what we do best: watching the game film and reporting what we saw. We'll also talk about Antonio Brown landing with the Patriots, and the frenzy that's created in some folks. Guest: Brett Kollmann of the Film Room (@BrettKollmann).

9/6: Antonio Brown Suspension & Thursday Night Panic

We have actual NFL action that counts! But we're still talking about Antonio Brown! And that's as it should be, because it seems as though Brown could miss Week 1, as he's apparently going to be suspended by the Raiders. We'll talk through this situation, including what we mean by "accepting risk" and how sometimes it works out. We'll also review the gross Packers/Bears opener and do some Week 1 Over/Unders. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

9/5: Week 1 Flexual Healing & GBvCHI Preview

It's time to make our first fantasy football lineups of the year, so let's get after it. We'll discuss the most-asked-about flex players you might be considering whether to start or sit. We'll preview the Packers and Bears kicking off the 2019 NFL regular season. And we'll offer our thoughts on the best players to use for Week 1 in DraftKings. Big show! Let's light this rocketship! Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick).

9/4: Week 1 Ranks & Zeke Elliott Signs

It's time to start thinking about our Week 1 fantasy football lineup. On today's podcast, we'll talk about our lineup philosophies for Week 1 and in general, including conversation about using Vegas over/under point totals as a guiding principle. We'll also talk about Ezekiel Elliott's holdout coming to a close, and what you should do with him right away. Guest: Pat Mayo of DraftKings (@ThePME).

9/3: Week 1 Waivers & Playing Week 1 Matchups

Let's hit the waiver wire for Week 1! Our theme today will be not to overreact to the news of the day and drop players you thought were worth adding in your fantasy football draft, just as we don't think you should overreact and bench guys you're "sure" have a bad Week 1 matchup. But there are exceptions to this rule, and we've got several names we can definitely see adding while in search of some useful future fantasy production. Guest: Brandon Funston of The Athletic (@BrandonFunston).

9/2: McCoy, Singletary, Hyde & NFL Cutdown Day

It's our annual Labor Day show where Harris tackles the podcast solo and talks about NFL cutdown day. Where should Shady McCoy be drafted? What happens with Devin Singletary? How about Carlos Hyde? We'll talk through all the weekend's big transactions as we count down to Week 1, plus we'll hit you up with some awesome music and a mixtape. Music from New Pornographers.

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