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8/30: Preseason Huggy & Baggy Awards

It's the fantasy football award ceremony you've all been waiting for, the one without which the 2019 NFL season simply cannot begin. First up it's the Huggy Awards, handing out the hardware to our 2019 Fantasy MVP among other stuff. And then the Prince of Darkness will join and curse some players (and other folks) with the Baggy Awards. Also: late updates on ranking Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/29: Listener Request Episode

Let's turn the fantasy football inquiries over to you! On today's pod, Matt Harmon will join and we'll answer your questions about fantasy WRs, first-round potential busts, the future of David Johnson, Curtis Samuel's ADP, LeSean McCoy's difference from Mark Ingram and much more, plus some bonus stuff about footraces and hot-dog eating contests. And guitar! Guest: Matt Harmon of Yahoo! Fantasy (@MattHarmon_BYB).

8/28: Five Talent-Based Fantasy Football Sleepers

Our final draft-themed episode of 2019 digs into the later rounds of your fantasy football draft to come up with players we like as stashes, based on the talent they bring to their NFL teams. None of these guys are automatically starters for you Week 1, but all have a chance to contribute because we think they are, in fact, good at football. Guest: Dave Richard from CBS Fantasy (@DaveRichard).

8/27: Five Players We’re Worried We’re Wrong About

The lead-up to fantasy football drafts is funny. We spend weeks and months formulating finely honed arguments for and against NFL players, so that we convince ourselves we know what will happen once September finally arrives. But of course, there's a chance we're wrong! Today, we'll indulge some of our worries about our boldest calls, both covering our backsides *and* hopefully providing you context for your fantasy football team! Guest: Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

8/26: Andrew Luck, Lamar Miller & Talents To Take A Chance On

Andrew Luck's retirement is one of the biggest sports stories of the year, and it certainly puts the NFL and fantasy football in flux. Today we'll talk through the implications of this incredible surprise, and also discuss Lamar Miller's torn ACL and what's left behind on the Texans. Then finally we'll list five draft-day gambles who are worth taking a plunge on from a talent perspective. Guest: Jeff Erickson of Rotowire (@Jeff_Erickson).

8/23: Super-Deep Sleepers For 2019 (#6 thru 10) & Warp Zone Players

We continue a fantasy football countdown of five more super-deep sleepers you shouldn't take in your standard fantasy draft, but who might be smart dynasty keepers and/or deep-bench stashes, and who also might help you down the road when they become waiver wire options in whom you can believe. Also today, we'll review the La Liga auction and give a list of five Warp Zone players who could see themselves "level-up" early in the season. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/22: Super-Deep Sleepers For 2019 (#1 thru 5)

You don't only win your fantasy football league on draft day. You can also win it with savvy waiver-wire acquisitions of high-upside running backs, wide receivers and tight ends who begin a season as unknowns, but then surprise and become key cogs on their NFL teams. Every year, we dig deep to try and find you the absolute deepest of sleepers: players who probably shouldn't be drafted at all, but who can be stashed in dynasty and to whom you should pay attention if they make noise after the season begins. Guest: Evan Silva of Establish The Run (@evansilva).

8/21: Five Un-Buzzed-About Players For 2019

Sometimes, a quiet and contemplative summer can be a good thing. But maybe not so much for the fantasy football stocks of NFL players! Today, we'll talk about players who haven't generated any buzz in training camps, but who still merit strong consideration as you get ready for your upcoming fantasy drafts. Also: a description of La Liga Lebowski, a dynasty format you might love! Guest: Heath Cummings of CBS Fantasy (@heathcummingssr).

8/20: Five Safe Players For 2019

When you start your fantasy football draft taking risky players, sometimes you need to smooth things out with a mid-round guy whose week-to-week performance figures to be solid, if unspectacular. Today, we'll talk about five players with safe floors and non-terrible ceilings, who can be just what the doctor ordered for some roster constructions. Also: inefficiences where the ADP market seems to have decided on a situation, but might actually be wrong! Guest: Eric Karabell of ESPN (@karabelleric).

8/19: Five Busts For 2019

We hate to be negative...but let's get negative. Today's show is all about players we simply don't think are worth the fantasy football draft price. Sometimes, that's because we think the market is irrationally exuberant. Sometimes, it's because we think the player himself is kind of bad. Also we'll discuss Josh Gordon's reinstatement with the Patriots, and why he's not the player you remember from 2013. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick).

8/16: Flag Players For 2019 (#5 thru 1)

Let's keep planting flags on some fantasy football players, illuminating the must-have dudes we want you to select in your drafts. In all, the 2019 list will include five wide receivers, four running backs and a quarterback, and we think they'll help you win your league. Also: let's get a look into the heart of darkness and express worry over Five Frag Players for this season. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/15: Flag Players For 2019 (#10 thru 6)

We've got your top fantasy football draft picks for 2019 right here. It's time for our annual Flag Players list, in which we plant a flag in the fantasy stocks of several NFL players to give you a value advantage on draft day. Today we'll count down #10 through #6 on the Flag List! Also: the state of RB handcuffing given the current platoon-heavy world of the NFL. Guest: Denny Carter from Draft Day Consultants (@CDCarter13).

8/14: Five ADP Surprises

We've finally dug into fantasy football Average Draft Positions for 2019, and boy are we surprised! When you wait this long to start talking ADP, you recognize how entrenched the market is on some players in your fantasy football draft. It's the time to register what surprises us, and then begin to devise strategies about how to wind up with your favorite value picks. So let's do that! Guest: Jamey Eisenberg of CBS (@JameyEisenberg).

8/13: 2019 Rookie Evaluations

Whether your fantasy football league is dynasty or re-draft, you need to know which first-year players will make the most noise. Is Josh Jacobs all he's cracked up to be? Who should you prefer between David Montgomery and Miles Sanders? Is Kyler Murray really a top-10 fantasy quarterback? Whither D.K. Metcalf and N'Keal Harry? We'll talk about all these guys and tons of other names who could make a big impact. Plus: Andrew Luck's small bones??? Guest: Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio (@MattWaldman).

8/12: Antonio Brown & Biggest O-Line Changes For 2019

Antonio Brown had an adventurous weekend in p.r., and the fantasy football world is freaking out! We'll explain the depth of our own freakout, and why we still like him as a draft pick in 2019. We'll also review the news of the weekend including Dante Pettis and the Cowboys RB situation. And we'll talk about offensive lines for '19: which lines figure to be pleasant surprises, and which will be busts. Guest: Ross Tucker of the Ross Tucker Football Podcast (@RossTuckerNFL).

8/9: Five Players We Love

Today, Cousin Josh will come aboard the yacht and lay out his reasons for five players he loves in the Year Of Love. In some cases, it's about fantasy football ADP. In some cases it's about depth chart (and gets a little crutchy). And in a lot of cases, he just really, really likes the player. We'll also talk about Jerick McKinnon's knee and update our position on Zeke Elliott and Melvin Gordon. Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/8: Duke Johnson, Superflex Strategy & Training Camp Narratives To Track

Duke Johnson was traded to the Texans today -- we'll talk about the fantasy football implications. We'll also talk superflex fantasy leagues: endorse their existence *and* give you some strategy tips. And then we'll run down some of the NFL training camp stories that might actually mean something for your fantasy football draft, and for your league in general, in 2019. Guest: Sigmund Bloom of (@SigmundBloom).

8/7: Five Film-Room Heroes

Let's be positive! Let's talk about NFL players whose game film surprised and even delighted us when we reviewed it this summer. Not all of these players will instantly make amazing fantasy football draft picks, but they might! And either way, we feel like we should put them on your radar screen! Guest: Brett Kollmann of The Film Room (@BrettKollmann).

8/6: Swing Players For 2019

Just a couple weeks away from your fantasy football draft, we'll talk about players we think could wind up swinging your league one way or the other. These running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks have the potential to be fantasy league-winners, but given their draft prices, they could also wind up torpedoing your season. Guest: Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy (@andybehrens).

8/5: Five Film-Room Zeroes & Auction Strategies

Great fantasy football stuff today! We'll give another example of a coach completely lying. We'll talk about five players who disappointed us on film when we were scouting for your draft this summer. And then we'll talk about the auction fantasy format: its strategies, its fun and its pitfalls, why you shouldn't have set dollar amounts in mind, and why participating in an auction is a lot like playing a game of no-limit poker. Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy (@scott_pianowski).

8/2: 2019 Post-Hype Sleepers

Everyone wants fantasy football sleepers. But usually, they get so overhyped throughout August that the names you *thought* you'd be able to draft at a discount wind up being echo-chambered into a high draft price. Today, we'll try and find players who've been more hyped in the past, and now might come at the kind of discount that actually warrants the term "sleeper." Guest: Cousin Josh (@DetectiveFisch).

8/1: NFL's Most Talented Players & Five Acid-Reflux All-Stars

The Fantasy Football Almanac is out! (The first edition anyway.) We celebrate with a discussion of the most- (and least-) talented players we saw on film this spring and summer. And then we'll discuss our Acid-Reflux All-Stars for 2019: players we might actually find ourselves drafting, but who we're pretty sure will give us heartburn all August long and all season long. Guest: John Paulsen of (@4for4_John).

7/31: Five Players Who Might Lose Their Jobs

As we're figuring out our fantasy football rankings, it feels like sometimes we gloss over the possibility that a player's position on his depth chart is secure. Today, we'll count down players we *don't* feel all that secure about, and discuss where we'd draft them. Also: Michael Thomas signs a big contract, and we discuss the forthcoming 2019 Harris Football Player Profile Almanac. Guest: Raymond Summerlin of Rotoworld (@RMSummerlin).

7/30: A.J. Green, Melvin Gordon, Josh Jacobs & More!

A.J. Green's injury is the first serious bummer of 2019 that will influence the first rounds of our fantasy football drafts...we'll tell you what we think, and discuss more injury and suspension news. And our survey of training camps wraps up with a look at the controversy-laden teams of the AFC West. Guest: Brandon Funston of The Athletic (@BrandonFunston), with music from Culture Abuse.

7/26: Todd Gurley, Kyler Murray, 49ers Backfield & Early Camp News

Should you draft Todd Gurley? We don't really know yet! But we'll talk about things we should all pay attention to in August that might help make our decisions easier. Also some Kyler Murray ranks controversy (how much is a sight-unseen running QB really worth?), and a look at the rest of training camps in the NFC West, plus Sterling Shepard breaks his thumb and Kalen Ballage breaks Twitter. Guest: Jake Ciely of The Athletic (@allinkid).

7/23: Tyreek Hill, DeAndre Hopkins, Derrick Henry & More!

We have to reckon with Tyreek Hill's non-suspension for fantasy football purposes, which is gross, but we have no choice. So we'll talk about the NFL implications on Hill, and then continue our previews of training camps with a look at the AFC South, including talk about Leonard Fournette, Derrick Henry, Keke Coutee and much more. Guest: Denny Carter of Living The Stream and Draft Day Consultants (@CDCarter13), with music from O.B. Howard.

7/19: Draft Strategy Talk & NFC South Camp Previews

Why is the 2019 fantasy football market worried about Devonta Freeman but not about Christian McCaffrey? We'll discuss whether that's even a relevant question, plus look at the Saints, Panthers, Falcons and Buccaneers training camps to see what key issues might get addressed in August. Also: a few words about draft strategies in leagues with quirky scoring, rosters and/or lineups. Guest: Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld (@RotoPat).

7/16: Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, A.J. Green & Much More!

Today we continue a canvas of NFL Training Camps and how they relate to fantasy football with a look at the teams of the AFC North, including some intriguing young stars and some aging veterans who might have one last hurrah. Also we'll talk about the philosophy of ranking in fantasy football and Zeke Elliott's possible holdout. Guest: Liz Loza of Yahoo! Fantasy (@LizLoza_FF).

7/12: Melvin Gordon Holdout & NFC North Camp Previews

Melvin Gordon could hold out of training camp or even the regular season! OH NO MELLY NO! We'll talk about the implications of this news about one of our favorite players, including whether we believe it could really happen, and if Austin Ekeler would be any kind of actual replacement. And then we'll continue our fantasy football preview of training camps, with a look at the teams of the NFC North. Guest: Evan Silva of (@evansilva) with music from Defining Parallel.

7/9: LeVeon Bell, Kenyan Drake, Patriots TE & Much More

Let's continue our training camp previews from a fantasy football perspective and talk about the teams of the AFC East: how will the Patriots replace Gronk, can Kenyan Drake ever earn a starting job, will the Bills hype their rookie RB and is Le'Veon Bell being underavlued? We'll address these questions and more, here in the Season Of Love! Guest: JJ Zachariason from NumberFire (@LateRoundQB).

7/5: Derrius Guice, Evan Engram, Eagles Backfield & More

We're back! It's Season 5 of the Harris Football show, and we thank you so much for sticking with us! Let's do a re-entry show, touch on stuff that happened while we were away, and then also dig into the teams of the NFC East to talk about some of the more interesting situations for fantasy football, and how our opinions might evolve in August. Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN (@_JimmyMcCormick) with music from The Glad Machine.

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