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2018 Fantasy Football Player Profile Almanac

Our Draft Strategy Guide Will Help You Win Your Fantasy Football League

I wrote fantasy football player profiles for ESPN for the better part of a decade, and now I do it in my annual Almanac. The Almanac is a great big PDF with ranks and profiles and film grades and stats and snark about the 300-plus skill-position players you need to know for 2018. Pre-Order Below!

How much is it?

$17 for a PDF that's around 200 pages long.

When will I get mine?

The first edition of this year's Almanac will be delivered on August 1st. Between now and then, we'll be watching hours and hours of film and writing this beastly publication. If you pre-order now, you will also receive two updates to the document: one in the middle of training camp, and one near the end, so you'll stay updated throughout August. Don't draft with out-of-date guides!

Did people like it last year?

No joke, we sold thousands. Here are some testimonials:

You cannot find this kind of in-depth film analysis with snarky twists anywhere else.
— Zachary W.
The Almanac is the only draft guide that stays up-to-date throughout draft season…love those updates!
— Robert J.
Harris has the charm and wit of a satirist who happens to know football inside and out.
— Jeff P.
It’s easier to dump every stat under the sun into a draft kit than to spend countless hours distilling the necessary information into something actually useful. Chris does the most amazing job watching hundreds of hours of film, looking at the stats and eloquently articulating what you need to know about each player. The almanac is an absolute must-buy!
— Ben V.
The Almanac is a breath of fresh air amongst other draft tools that use cherry-picked stats to support preexisting opinions. The hype machine can cause player rankings to get out of control in some places, but you always know that with Chris’s evaluations, film don’t lie.
— Jeremy D.
The Almanac was hands down the best fantasy resource I had last year. Ranks are a dime a dozen...the depth and breadth of the Almanac provided insight that could only come from hours and hours of analyzing game tape. I knew not only what Harris thought of the players’ talents and situations, but why. This year I’m planning on scrapping everything else and relying solely on the Almanac.
— Dan B

May I see a sample of last year's Almanac?

You may. Click here.

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