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12/20: Week 16 - This Is The End

Picking games in Week 17 is for suckers, so this is where we leave you for the 2017's been great fun talking about all the NFL games every week, telling you what we see from the players and teams, and then shooting for the moon on some handicapping. The results have been thoroughly mediocre, but hopefully your fun level hasn't. Thanks for listening!

12/13: Week 15 - Byron Leftwich In The Matrix

Is it true that Byron Leftwich's body is stored away somewhere, but his mind is plugged into a computer that allows him to control Nick Foles? Put it this way: you can't prove it's *not* true! Our intrepid podcasters discuss all the Week 15 games, and the Saturday schedule causes Harris not to be able to partake in karaoke. Probably best for all involved.

12/6: Week 14 - Flaccoin & Tikileaks

Coming off a successful week and straddling the .500 summit, the guys preview Week 14, with several super-fun matchups and some games that will make your eyes bleed. Will the Vikings and Patriots keep rolling? Will the Eagles bounce back? Will the Browns ever win? Have a listen!

11/29: Week 13 - Every Third Guy Named Lou

A successful Week 12 has McCormick feeling his oats, while Harris keeps treading water, and Week 13 has a lot of games that see the guys parting company with their predictions. Surprisingly, though, Jimmy is on the sharp side of many of this week's lines, while Chris may in fact be distracted by his investment in Flaccoin.

11/22: Week 12 - "Mister 6-6-1"

Thanksgiving us upon us in the States, 32 teams are playing for the first time since Week 4, and there are some huge point spreads out there. The guys weigh in on each matchup from a football-strategy and a point-spread perspective, talk turkey-flavored yogurt, and derive sad pleasure from the memory of Sam Bradford schadenfreude.

11/15: Week 11 - A Nightmare Deferred

The Week 11 slate looks tasty, although perhaps not as tasty as all this Harris-brand frozen yogurt we keep hearing about. Let's decide which teams are slightly less loathsome than the others in this week's slate of games, and hear about the one-man play "Chaz On An Island."

11/8: Week 10 - Martavis Bryant Has The Wi-Fi Password Again

Let's preview Week 10 in NFL action and evaluate why the chin matches the drapes, Manny Pacquiao secretly runs the Browns, and Martavis Bryant will return to make fools of us all.

11/1: Week 9 - Blah Blah Blah Donovan McNabb

Figuring out the impact of trade-deadline deals on NFL teams is part of the Week 9 fun, as the guys try to read the Dolphins, Eagles, Bills, Panthers and 49ers in light of recent deals. Plus we get an update on Chris's ice-cream-slash-novelty-underwear business.

10/25: Week 8 - Monster Masks & Heroin-Flavored Ice Cream

It's a week of big home favorites and obvious public teams, and the guys have to decide whether they want to chase last week's results, or if they'd rather buck the market. Three Week 7 shutout teams are big dogs Sunday -- how should you play them?

10/18: Week 7 - An Over Machine No Longer

Aaron Rodgers is done, and the Packers are no longer an "over" machine, so the guys will have to find value in other places. So with Harris coming off a winning week and McCormick wallowing in mispronunciation, the boys take on the 15 games that constitute Week 7.

10/11: Week 6 - Adrian Peterson Is A Jinx And Allen Iverson Likes Grey Goose In His Mountain Dew

It may be a week for underdogs, but the boys also find themselves tempted by a couple of double-digit favorites in unexpected places. Find out whether Jim pronounces "Jaguars" correctly, and also whether Week 6's big chalk can be trusted!

10/4: Week 5 - Justin Houston Ruins Everything

Jim and Chris each would've had better performances last week without Andy Reid's continued comical time-management problems, but that's life in the big city. In Week 5, with four teams on bye, the guys focus on a couple potential moneyline upsets and enjoy saying the word "Flacco."

9/27: Week 4 - Overreaction Theater In The Balloon Knot

As the great philosopher Nicky Spickets once said, "When your picks are this bad, they're bound to turn around soon!" The boys lick their wounds after a historically bad Week 3—and a historically profitable week for Vegas—and hopefully right the ship with some savvy plays taking advantage of the market's overreactions.

9/20: Week 3 - Road Faves & Noisy Data

It was a great Week 2 for Jimmy and a piss-poor one for Harris, and the HF bosses are starting to wonder if McCormick should have his own solo spinoff. For at least one more week, though, the boys converge to discuss each contest in Week 3, tell you how they think the games will go, and which road favorites look like interesting bets.

9/13: Week 2 - So Many Narratives!

Week 2 in the NFL has it all! Revenge games! Inside information games! Rematches of Super Bowls from 40 years ago! We attempt to pay absolutely zero attention to any of that stuff as we navigate a full 16-game slate of pro football action, ranging from an odd Thursday night matchup to a Patriots/Saints game that could top 70 combined points to the Tony Dorsett Revenge Game. (Damn.) We hope you enjoy!

9/6: Week 1 - Beware The Small Birds!

Welcome to the Harris Football After-Party! Jim McCormick and Chris Harris will take you through all of Week 1's NFL match-ups, make picks against the spread, worry about some small-bird mascots taking on predator mammals, and lament Tolzien v. Goff.

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