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2016 Fantasy Football Player Profile Almanac
Third (Final) Edition (8/26)

Ranks and profiles for all the players you need to know in 2016 fantasy football,
written by the industry's leading film watcher.

"I wrote player profiles for ESPN for the better part of a decade, but the publication schedule behind a big magazine always required me to finish the work in mid-May. That led to a guide that fell out of date by the time training camps began.

"Now that I'm on my own, I can do this my own way. I spent the summer re-watching game film and establishing my opinions on players at my own pace. So the almanac offers the fresh opinions you need to have a great 2016 fantasy season. Plus, since I'm delivering digitally, you'll have updates based on camp injuries/signings/trades when you need them. This PDF magazine is 113 pages's thorough, it offers film and statistical and historical analysis, and it covers every player you'll need to know this season.

"Oh, and did I mention loads more snark? There's that, too."

—Chris Harris

Cost: $15

Your one-time purchase gets you the marked-up THIRD (and final) EDITION (8/26) of the 2016 Player Profile Almanac PDF (changes made between the first and second editions are highlighted in red; changes made between the second and third editions are highlighted in blue.)


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