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2016 Music Digressions

Here's a list of the songs we've played on the Harris Football Podcast in 2016. Thanks to all the bands who allowed us to share clips! We hope you'll consider purchasing some of their music.

4/6/17: Quiet Company - "Get Beside Me Satan!"

2/16/17: Jay Arner - "Personal Line"

1/5/17: Surrogate - "Lovers"


12/14/16: The Invisible World - "Joliet"

12/8/16: Clair Morgan - "Ready Set Falcon"

11/16/16: Everest Cale - "Beauty On The Mountain"

10/28/16: Toughies - "Stone Cold"

10/21/16: The Foetals: "Nothing"

10/12/16: The Wellspring: "Willing To Lose"

10/7/16: Happyness: "Tunnel Vision On Your Part"

9/30/16: Jacuzzi Boys - "Happy Damage"

9/23/16: Murder Shoes - "So What May"

9/5/16: Dr. Dog - "Fire On My Back"

8/30/16: Royal Headache - "Wouldn't You Know"

8/24/16: Rev Gusto - "Click Click"

8/3/16: Hotel Bar - "A"

7/12/16: The Twilight Hours - "Maybe"

5/2/16: Calliope Musicals - "Echo Of The Whoos"

Opening Theme: Apex Manor - "Under The Gun"

Closing Theme: The Wellspring - "Say Yes"

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